In Preschool, everyone meets that one person that is absolutely going to be their best friend and nothing could tear them apart... until something tears them apart. Back in my own preschool days, I met a girl who became my best friend. We did everything together. After preschool, we ended up going to different schools and later on, I moved to Florida. This was the thing that tore us apart. Everyone has one with their preschool best friend, and odds are when you think about it, you can't even remember their name anymore.

When I moved back from Florida, my house was in a neighborhood full of kids my age. After starting school up that year, I realized that one girl in my grade looked really familiar. I can't recall exactly when we put the pieces together, but it turned out that not only was that girl my long lost preschool BFF, she was also my neighbor. That's right, the fates had spoken and placed us back in each other's lives.

We were the lucky ones, the few who get reunited. Not everyone has that chance. There was a giant open lot right between our houses. It was paradise. A huge playground to reconnect. We became best friends again and spent hours building stupid little stick teepees in that lot and reenacting the Spiderwick Chronicles in our fuzzy slippers. We even had a special call we would use to see if each other were outside. I don't know what we did to deserve the universe's kind gesture — putting us back together.

Megan Carmen

You probably have that one person that you could write an article about telling the world how awesome they are, and my preschool best friend is mine. Jordan and I have come far over the years. We've had our arguments, namely the one about homecoming freshman year, but as far as friendships go ours has been free of strife. Everyone has that one friend they don't fight with, but Jordan and I have been this way since day one.

We have the same opinions and tastes in desserts. We have realized that our taste in men is virtually opposite and that Miralax is a saving grace. We have eaten our weight in monkey bread and laughed hard enough to pop a lung. She had no idea I was writing this and when I asked her what pictures would be acceptable for the internet to see, she asked, "What is going on, are you making me a blanket?" Sorry, Jordan... I lied. There's no blanket.

Megan Carmen

All best friends have their silly things. Things you do that other people would find dumb or meaningless. I can't even begin to say all of the ridiculous names we call each other or the things that have made us laugh. We have perfected the art of peanut butter brownies and the art of bad singing. There's this stupid thing we do where we elongate song lyrics or use synonyms to make phrases sound wrong. We joke about the movie Jumanji, and we laugh the same; it's a long wheeze with lots of flailing. Most of all, I can't believe we don't have any really good pictures from the 14 years we have been friends. That is ridiculous. How is it that possible?

Megan Carmen

So If reading this made you wonder where your preschool BFF is now, or made you smile thinking about the stupid things you and your partner in crime do, then reach out to them today and let them know that you care. Sometimes the friends we see the most often are the ones that leave the fastest, and the ones from the way back days are the ones who will stick by your side. Tell your best friend how much they mean to you today, and Jordan, thank you for always being there for me and for pretending to be my sister on Sibling Weekend. Thanks for making me laugh and for helping me through the tough times.

Sorry I didn't tell you I was writing this article... surprise! But most of all, please come back soon because Preschool Best Friend, I miss you.