8 Classic Ideas For Your Next PowerPoint Night
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8 Classic Ideas For Your Next PowerPoint Night

Here's to a fun and memorable night ahead!

Friends on PPT Night
Amanda Brennan

The latest trend circulating around college kids? PowerPoint night. Everyone creates a silly presentation either about the friend group, unpopular opinions, pop culture, you name it. Make it as fun and as creative as you want! You want to be thaaaaat friend who "exposes" everyone in the group? Go for it. Or, do you want to rank every Taylor Swift album? Yeah, you can do that too.

Here are some of my best PowerPoint night ideas, after participating in a few myself.

"If each one of you were a candy bar you'd be..."

Candychocolate yes GIFGiphy

Assign everyone in your friend group a type of candy! Maybe your "mom friend" is an Almond Joy or your "sweet and caring friend" is a Jolly Rancher?

"Ranking each song on ________'s newest album!"

Taylor Swift

Amanda Brennan

Choose your favorite artist and roast them to your heart's content. Have a least favorite song? Call it out. Is there one constantly on repeat? Blast it till your friends can't take it anymore!

"Ranking our friend group on who's most to least likely to do psychedelic drugs"



Gotta shoutout my pal Bella on this one. When she got around to me, she said I would "simply decline." She's not wrong!

Assign everyone a word!! 

This is what we did last time. Hence why Bella had to incorporate the word "psychedelic" into her title. We all submitted the most RANDOM of words into a generator. Then, it assigned each one of us a word to use in the title of our presentation. It really helped to get our creative juices flowing

"How you'd all die in Hogwarts"


Amanda Brennan

Okay, ya, sounds gory I KNOW. But, it made for a very comical Zoom. 95% of my friends absolutely love Harry Potter so we had a Harry Potter themed night last fall. I instead made a killer presentation about the one and only Mr. Harry Styles, since I'm not the biggest Potter fan.


Dogsdogs jumprope GIFGiphy

Honestly, who doesn't love just staring at a screen of dogs for a while? Rank some of the breeds, tell a story about your dog, throw in some dog memes. You do you.

"Ranking a bunch of celebrities I would punch in the face if I had the opportunity"

one direction slapGiphy

I stole this one from a Tik Tok. This could be a fun one to show some personality. What are your opinions on the Kardashians? Or One Direction? Or the cast of the Avengers? Go all over the place!

The best style trends from our elementary school days


Amanda Brennan

THROWBACK TIME! What a good opportunity to include some real photo gems. Make sure you include some iconic fits from Justice...neon pink, crazy sparkles and peace signs included.

These are only a few ideas to help make your PowerPoint night a memorable one! You know your friends best, so you'll know what style of presentation will be the greatest hit! Show your personality and have fun with it! Use those silly backgrounds teachers always wanted you to stay away from. Use a million different fonts and colors. Have fun!

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