Once, someone told me that "Dance is the hidden language of the soul". I have always had a hobby for dance ever since I was a little kid. From a six-year old me to now being a sixteen-year old adult, I have learned the nine navarasas, or dances, to the classical dance form Bharatanatyam.

Learning this classical form, each year we have a themed dance recital in which all the children participate with their beautiful outfits. The dance recital is runned by the older girls in the Arangetram class who have completed the nine dances and are ready for their next step of their dance journey: doing an Arangetram. An Arangetram is a three hour-long performance done solely by you, and it's your way to present to your guru or teacher how you have mastered this classical dance form.

This year, I was finally able to be one of the main group leaders that taught the younger children their dances. So at this year's recital, I made sure everything from my side was spotless and that there were not any mistakes. The children who I taught ranged from ages three to fourteen, and they were very mature for their ages. Unlike the other children that were with the other group leaders, my children were very calm and allowed me to travel and check on each individual group.

The stress was on us main group leaders because this was the special day, the day everyone was waiting for: the 2019 recital. And the theme was weather. Every year, I would always watch the didis, or sisters, pacing themselves back and forth trying to maintain the show. Now, I know how they felt because if someone went on stage without their prop, or if someone's outfit was not pinned, then the blame would go on the main group leader for not checking that child's outfit.

This year's recital was special for me because I was one of the ones running the show, I was the one who had taught these children their dance for the recital, and I was the one who made the formations and the alterations to their dance. This year, I was finally one of those didis who ran back and forth, making sure each of her groups was perfect and ready to go.

I know the stress level was at peak; however, that rush is the best feeling when you have a post-recital moment. I miss that moment where I would come from school and have to go to dance practices right after. The dance practices would last until 11 p.m., and I would always have to come the next day, a Saturday, at 8 a.m.

Through all of this, though, I didn't get enough sleep during the month of May, the busiest month with all the exams, tests, and the recital. Of course, I truly enjoyed this experience. My mother once told me that to achieve something, you must work hard no matter what comes in your way. So whatever your passion is, you should do whatever it takes to achieve it.