Powerball: Penn State Style
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Student Life

Powerball: Penn State Style

What would a Penn State student do with 1.3 billion dollars?

Powerball: Penn State Style

As of this weekend, the Powerball is at a whopping 1.3 billion dollars. In reality, once taxes are taken out, the cash value is 806 million dollars which is still no chump change. For any winner it could be a huge change in lifestyle, but as a Penn State student there is a long list of possibilities to put that money towards. If you don't drop out, you could start by using it for tuition and the list goes on and on. Starting with the more obvious things you'd use the money for…

1. Get a security guard, financial advisor, and attorney.

2. Upgrade the pool with waterslides and hot tubs.

3. Sorority girls could finally have houses.

4. And you cannot forget the chefs.

5. Pokies every single night.

6. You can never have enough Champagne .

7. Pay for all your friends’ tuitions and student loans.

8. Fraternities would get remodeled and doubled in size.

9. They would all have fences the size of DU’s.

10. They would all have pools for daylong season.

11. And lots of moon bounces.

12. Buy a Lamborghini (or a few) to fit in with the car crowd.

13. Chipotle. All day, everyday. For everyone.

14. Creamery Ice Cream by the tons.

15. Tailgates would be ten times better.

16. Catered food.

17. You could have your own personal driver to Fratland. (No more walk of shames)

18. Hold sick concerts every single weekend.

19. Add seats to Beaver Stadium to beat out Michigan for the largest stadium.

20. Replace the JoePa statue.

21. Pay your rent.

22. Or buy out the whole floor.

23. Or the whole building.

24. Endless Liontutors, because with all that money you wouldn't go to class.

25. Bring back Levels.

26. Rent a new bar every night.

27. No more Natty, Vlad, or Russe…EVER again.

28. Cleaning services for after all your crazy parties.

29. Pay neighbors for no noise complaints.

30. And buy them some nice Bose headphones.

31. Puppies. Lots of puppies.

32. Someone to do all our laundry.

33. A different color hover board for every day of the week.

34. Put a Wawa in place of the Sheetz.

35. Private jet to get to school and anywhere else for the weekend.

36. All the away football tickets for you and your friends.

37. Season tickets for generations.

38. Pay for spring break in PV for all your friends.

39. Or rent an island for everyone instead.

40. With a super yacht.

41. Renovate the White Building.

42. Then build your own gym.

43. Finally, matching the THON total.

44. Oh and upgrading the BJC food.

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