Potential Offensive Steals In This Year's Draft
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Potential Offensive Steals In This Year's Draft

Who is being overlooked?

Potential Offensive Steals In This Year's Draft

With the NFL draft fast approaching, numerous college athletes will be evaluated closely over the next two months leading up to the draft. By now, we've all been exposed to various mock drafts floating around the Internet and have seen who are the "can't-miss" prospects.

While every team would love to get one of those prized prospects on the roster, the real test of the draft is to find those hidden gems or overlooked players. These late picks in the draft can truly bring great value to a team. Tom Brady, for example, was picked in the sixth round, and the rest is history.

This year's draft is considered to be a "defensive-heavy" draft. Many analysts consider this to be the weakest draft for the offensive side of the ball in years, but if situations like Tom Brady's or any other late round success in the NFL have shown, there is talent to be found in every draft.

Here are a few players who could prove to be steals in the draft:

Dak Prescott, QB, Miss. State

If Dak Prescott would've declared for the draft a season ago following his Heisman-worthy campaign, we probably wouldn't be having this discussion, but nonetheless, here we are. Prescott has proven that he is a versatile quarterback in his three years at the helm for Mississippi State. Prescott has drawn many comparisons to Tim Tebow because of his style of play and for playing in an extremely similar system to the one Tebow played in. Prescott has proven to have a better pocket passer than Tebow in college and possesses more natural throwing mechanics as well.

Prescott was battle-tested in the tough SEC and has tons of upside and could flourish under the right tutelage.

Josh Ferguson, RB, Illinois

Illinois rarely shows up on national TV and isn't known for its football program either, so unless you're a huge fan of the Illini or a BIG10 fan, you probably haven't heard of Ferguson. As Illinois' primary back for three seasons, Ferguson enjoyed moderate success on the ground, rushing for about 700 yards in all three campaigns. Ferguson's receiving ability is what makes him standout. In three seasons, he tallied 168 receptions and 1507 receiving yards. In a league where the passing game dominates, this skill set should help Ferguson flourish.

Many coaches were impressed with Ferguson at the East-West shrine game. Ferguson was also a valuable special teams player at Illinois, which only adds to his value.

Byron Marshall, RB, Oregon

Marshall is an interesting prospect. He enters the draft process having lined up at WR and RB during his time at Oregon. Marshall displayed great speed and change-of-direction ability in Oregon's high-powered offense. Like Ferguson, Marshall possesses a unique versatility that should help him succeed on the next level.

Sterling Shepard, WR, Oklahoma

Although Sterling Shepard is known by many fans of college football, he has been largely unappreciated by many experts. Most mocks have him going as a mid-round pick, but I think his talent could possibly translate to that of a first-rounder. Shepard possesses fantastic route running ability and has that second gear in the open field that teams drool over. He also proved his big play and clutch ability during Oklahoma's run to the CFB playoff, serving as Baker Mayfield's go-to target. Shepard should become a deadly weapon in the slot and could be a devastating presence in a west coast offense.

Rashard Higgins, WR, Colorado State

Higgins was a prolific WR in his three-year tenure at Colorado State, catching a total of 238 balls for 3,648 yards and adding 31 scores. Higgins route running on tape is great and is one of the rare talents that can run every route on the route tree. Higgins also played in a pro-style system at CSU, which should help him translate to the next level. Higgins' only downfall is his weight—188 pounds—but an NFL weight program should get him where he needs to be. Higgins should be a valuable asset in any offensive system.

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