A Tiny House Of Potatoes
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Potatoes Gonna Potate With This Idaho Airbnb

Make your dreams come true by staying inside of a potato

Potatoes Gonna Potate With This Idaho Airbnb

Let's face it, potatoes are amazing. They are a versatile food. You can have them mashed, cubed, fried, baked, baked twice, and so much more! And, now, thanks to Kristie Wolfe, you can now live in one.

Okay, not an actual potato, but a tiny house that looks exactly like a potato. A 28 by 12 foot long, and 11.5-foot tall potato. And it's amazing.

Originally, it was built as a way to promote a potato tour, yes that's a thing, by the Idaho Potato Commission's (IPC). The Big Idaho Potato tour is to help promote IPC's "Grown in Idaho" seal. This is a federal trademark to ensure buyers that when they purchase an Idaho potato, they are getting an authentic Idaho potato.

What makes Idaho potatoes so special? These potatoes are grown in rich, volcanic soil in a climate that is like no other in the United States.

At first, this potato went on tour with the Idaho Potato Tour only used as a way to store materials for the tour. Towards the end of the tour, Wolfe began coming up with ideas on what to do with the large fiberglass potato she was going to have on her hands once the tour was over.

At the time, she had a tiny home of her own and she had the realization that the spud actually had more square-footage than her own home. This is where she got the brilliant idea of making this once storage unit into a livable space for people to rest their heads. She knew of a lot where she could place the potato and she had the vision to make America's favorite comfort food into America's favorite comfort-stay.

Now, the potato resides in a field in Idaho where people can stay for only $200 a night with an addition $42 after taxes. The potato comes with one queen size bed and one bath. The potato also comes with air conditioning and a fireplace, so you can live inside of a baked potato if you wanted to.

However, your stay at this potato may root up your life because there is no wifi, tv, or kitchen. I mean, if you already took the step to reside inside of a potato, you should be willing to give up some luxuries and live the minimalist life for a day or two.

There have been no reviews of the tater so far, but the pictures of the inside of the Airbnb are promising for it looks comfortable and chic - the perfect atmosphere.

Airbnb has now revealed that this potato has become their most popular rental, in fact, the potato is booked for the month of May. But this is perfect for those who never knew they have always wanted to live inside of the potato, like yourself. Now, you have time to go plan and save for your best get-away for the summer. You can make your reservation by clicking the link here.

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