11 Parts Of College Life That Were Best Described By Post Malone Songs

Post Malone is the best rapper of our generation hands down! So why shouldn't his songs apply to college?

1. "Congratulations"

Great job on getting accepted to your dream college! You are finally getting out of your dead end town or just starting the next stage of your life. Either way you are so hyped up to leave that you've already got a whole amazon wishlist titled "Dorm Stuff". Enjoy your last couple months at home because after that life hits you like a ton of bricks.

2. "Money Made Me Do It"

Let's all be honest here, who wants to do more school after graduating high school? We are all in college for the money. We know that getting that degree means more money, so when people ask why I went to college I just reply "Money Made Me Do It".

3. "Hit This Hard"

When I say we hit the books hard in college, I mean it. We all have been there before when you are cramming for that math test you have the next day. You start to regret coming to college at all but then you remember, "Money Made Me Do It". So keep hitting it hard.

4. "Cold"

This song choice may seem weird but you'll understand what I mean once it's winter in the mountains. I thought winters in Durham were bad. Just wait till they call for 1 inch of snow and then you get 9. Also, be ready for the fake springs that will happen, it will get warm for about 1 week and then BOOM, another foot of snow.

5. "Big Lie"

During college, you've got to lie to yourself. They aren't harmful lies, more like little white lies. Like can you function on 3 hours of sleep? Heck no, but you're gonna act like you can. Keep your head up and your spirits high.

6. "Patient"

Just like in the real world patient is key. You've got to be patient about getting your degree. You can't overload so that you can hurry up and get out of here. Take your time and enjoy the ride. You only are a college student once!

7. "Psycho"

Psycho can apply to college in so many ways. There's the adventurous nightlife, the stress that makes you feel like you're going crazy and then the people that you will meet on a daily basis. No matter how crazy things get though, it will always be a fun experience. Remember, no one ever tells stories about sitting on the couch. Go out, have fun, but be responsible and safe.

8. "I Fall Apart"

This song may be the realest when it comes to college. No matter how strong you are college will push you to your limits. How you react to being pushed that far will determine who you are as a person. Just remember that even the strongest people struggle and that what you worry about today will just be a memory tomorrow.

9. "Too Young"

A reoccurring thought that I have is, "I'm only 18 and I have to decide what to do with my life, I am way too young for this.". Don't worry if you don't know what you want to do. No one is going to force you to choose right away. Just use your liberal studies to explore different options.

10. "Deja Vu"

A lot of your freshman year of college is going to be review. You'll be sitting in English class learning grammar rules that you learned in middle school. You'll question what you're taking out student loans for. Don't get mad though, an easy A is always great to have.

11. "Leave"

Leaving home behind will be one of the hardest things you'll ever do but don't worry, the world is ahead of you. Since coming to college I've learned that this is my new home. I have made a life for myself here and it's amazing. Durham will always be my home but Cullowhee is where my heart is.

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