Post-Grad Life as told by Titus Andromedon
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Student Life

Post-Grad Life as told by Titus Andromedon

Titus Andromedon is our post-grad spirit animal. Can you relate to these gifs?

Post-Grad Life as told by Titus Andromedon
Rolling Stone

It's that time of year again! Cue the pictures of everyone in their caps and gowns and long, sappy social media posts from freshman to senior year bombarding our newsfeeds. That's right--it's graduation season. I get it. As someone who is a college graduate, you totes can miss the good times. But there are many exciting things that happen after college that help you grow to be the best version of yourself. And of course, there are obstacles along the way! So in honor of the new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt being released this month on Netflix (totes there for us to binge and comfort us in our post-grad woes), I thought it'd be a great idea to showcase post-grad life through our shining diamond (or beef jerky in a ballgown)--Titus Andromedon! Post-grad life can sometimes get people down in the dumps but Titus can surely put a smile on your face!

You feel fab now that you've completed your degree.

Nothing can dull your sunshine. You can do anything! You've worked your butt off for this and the time has come for you to shine!

Until you realize you're not entirely sure what your plan is...even if you have post-grad plans.

Sometimes this is followed by an existential crisis that leads you to question your existence and what you've been doing your whole life that led you here. Well, for me at least. I have anxiety brain so most conversations with myself find their way here.

So then you try to find some jobs, internships, or other things to keep you busy on your soul search...only to overwhelm and frighten you more.

And your face when you see you need 3-5 years of experience, professional references, a portfolio, the secret recipe to the Krabby Patty formula, and the blood of a unicorn before applying to an entry-level position.

Oh and not to mention being more aware of your student debt than ever.

Then comes feeling the pressure of changing the world or "making your mark."

How many professors or Commencement speakers have you heard tell you that "we are the future" or that we need to make an impact?! How can I save the dolphins if my major is accounting?! Give me direction! How will I find my place?

Then we try to seek more direction and purpose.

A bed is a noble and honorable profession. Not to mention, safe and comfy!

Because let's face it--the world is really a strange place and it can be...uh...intimidating.

And strange.

It was a much simpler time when we didn't have to find a career path at the ages of 17 or 18.

But you won't give up! Post-grad blues and all this pressure won't get you down!

Because you realize you're not alone after all.

Because it feels great getting support and guidance from friends, family, and people on the internet (like this gal here writing the article) who can relate to how you're feeling. Titus has Kimmy and Lillian to cheer him on when he finds himself in odd Lemonading when he thinks Mikey is cheating on him. Lillian was in that music video! That's what friends and fam are for...they'll support you no matter what path you're on. I may not suggest Lemonading post-grad life, but to each their own! There is a glimmer of hope that you can and will be successful in your endeavors.

Fun Fact: One of the co-creators of this show, Tina Fey, was working at the YMCA at age 23...and things worked out pretty well for her if you include her success in Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock, and countless other projects she's developed.

I mean Titus got turned down plenty of times in NYC and we don't see him giving up his dream of performing!

Be the best beef jerky in a ball gown you can be. Live your dream and be patient with the results. Things won't happen overnight!

So that's why you have to:


Enjoy this fun and hellish ride by dancing your way out of the funk.

Or do whatever it is to express yourself and remind yourself how fab you really are.

At least that's what Titus would do.

And remember these great words of advice going out into the world:

That worked well in Dr. Seuss books!

So let's go out there and CRUSH IT!

Pinot Noir, Caviar, Rosanne Barr, and Au revoir, you shooting stars!

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