About The Post-Election Scene

Author’s Note: Read the whole thing through. I know it seems sarcastic and one sided, but it really isn’t.

At 5:20 a.m., haunted by insomnia, life seems bleak. Donald Trump is the next elect President of the United States. Putin must be popping bottles of champagne at the Kremlin plotting the eventual economic and political conquest of Europe, while doing lines of noopept laced cocaine from an escort’s rear end. First Brexit, now this? Fantastic, absolutely fantastic. The only thing that could make this year any better is if members of OPEC finally trust each other enough to cut oil production. Xi Jinping has to be chuckling to himself as the U.S. lose the trust of many of its Asian Pacific allies. Angela Merkel is probably drowning herself in wine, pondering to herself whether or not the fact that Germany wouldn’t be the catalyst for a world war this time around could be considered a silver lining.

At home, a nation divided.

Social media has turned into a cesspool of negative emotions. Posts and threads scatter the web laced with extremes from pompous boasting to indignant moaning. Memes, as per usual, circulate; jokes at the expense of everyone—for the sake of everyone. Humor, after all, takes no side. Occasionally you’ll find diamond in the rough: a genuinely love filled post, a declaration of impassioned determination, or friends and family coming together.

To those people of the later category, thank you. You breathe hope into humanity. I don’t care who you voted for, I’m sure you just did what you honestly and genuinely believed in. Really, I know I sound like sarcastic and cynical piece of shit most of the time, but thank you existing.

To those people who voted for Harambe in the write-in section—absolutely hilarious. Absolutely hilarious how out of touch you’ve become with reality. Humorous memes, to you, have become heroin.

But addicts are humans too. I can see it from your perspectives. Hillary? Please, as if I would want to vote for someone who cheated every other Democratic nominee of their chance through collaboration with the DNC. Trump? What if I don’t vote for you? Gonna grab my vote by the pussy? The system has lost their faith, so they protest the only other way they know how.

To the Trump supporters who are blasting social media with the equivalent of “justice has prevailed, f*ck all you libtards and your f*ggot non-white friends, TRUMP THAT B*TCH”, good luck. Kind of remind me of Riley from “Boondocks” in his reaction of Obama becoming president. To the moderates, I hope life does indeed get better for all of us. I hope you fight to preserve the civil liberties of all our citizens.

To the Clinton/Stein/Johnson supporters who are blasting social media with more than one post about how personally offended you are if you had friends on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram that voted for Trump, I hope you find salvation from the same bigotry that you share with those you condemn. I’m sorry that you can’t see why someone else might want to vote for Trump. I’m sorry you view all Trump supporters like human garbage. They’re people like ourselves.

To all my peers, we are the future. As of right now the future is mostly blind, deaf, and angry. We have to learn how to communicate more efficiently, to have public discourse without someone blowing a top. See from the other person’s perspective, make it easier for others to see our perspective, open our ears, and clear our minds. Not everything is about what we have to say next. We can run our mouths all we want, nothing will get done if we don’t work together.

When we’re not always thinking about why our opinion is better in situations that call for empathy, we move away from a selfish yours into a unified and stronger ours.

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