Do you ever wish you could have a do-over day, month, or year? Sometimes, life gets the best of us and we need some time to reevaluate the things that are going on. Having a fresh start can impact your life in tremendous ways. Remember that you are looking forward and not back (unless it's on a positive note only). By dwelling on the what if's/regrets all the time, we set ourselves back from the goals and changes we want to make happen. With that being said, it is important to fully understand why you want a fresh start and how you want to go about "planning it."

At least for me, sometimes isolation is OK (in other words, being alone for a few days or so). This gives you time to reflect on what happened and time to make improvements of said scenario. It is also important to have this time alone to recharge and take care of yourself. By doing this, your mind will be in a better place and will make you focus on your goals even more. Go out for a few walks, grab some ice cream, read some books, journal a lot, or go work out. These are a few examples of things you could do to take care of yourself and have your "me" time. Always confide in your friends to talk (bad isolation). They are one of your biggest support systems other than your family and you should keep the good ones close.

You should also think about why you want this fresh start. Did something bad happen? Are you exhausted? Do you want to change? Are you finding what you're looking for? These are the possible questions you may ask yourself during this recharge period. I advise people to only do it for themselves and to actually be on top of things. By that I mean, be consistent with your reasoning to want a new start and actually doing things to justify said action. Set these goals and stick with them.

The do-over day, month, or year is not easy as much as I hate to admit it. You will struggle during this process because it will be an alien feeling. You are not used to taking your mind off one thing and completely "ridding of it." Things do get better though once you get the hang of things. You will feel like a new and relaxed person with this "empty headed and OPEN mind." Positive thoughts and determination is the key to success for this. Over time and the struggle, you will experience that things will become better for you. You will become a better version of yourself and the people around you will notice. You will be grateful having to do this because, in the long run, it was worth it. You will be rewarded somehow and remember, everything happens for a reason. Just breathe, I believe in you.