Disney movies are probably one of my favorite things on this planet. Politics and Disney seem like an odd pairing, but I think it'd be hilarious to pair them up. Spoiler alert: Politics and Disney are totally hilarious when paired together. These are my pairings, for your viewing pleasure. Let me know if you get abs from laughing so hard. I did.

1. Donald Trump as Governor Ratcliffe from "Pocahontas."

This dude is racist AF. Nuff said.

No, but really, am I the only one who sees the similarities? I think not. Power hungry, rich AF, and giant douchebags? Check. All categories match. I'm convinced they are the same person.

2. Mike Pence as Jafar from "Aladdin."

This dude was legit evil. Like has no soul. And he scared me. Pence scares me more than Trump, hands down. Pence even has the same crazy eyes. Like these dudes freak me out. With good reason. I mean, conversion therapy? Get the fuck out, asshole. Clearly, you are the one with the issues, much like Jafar.

3. Hillary Clinton as Elsa from "Frozen."

I think this is legit a perfect fit because Hillary is queen. Maybe she is an ice queen but she doesn't care, and she's a freaking boss. She is a strong woman who may seem cold but really, she is just a woman who gets what she wants. She doesn't need no man to be fabulous.

4. Bill Clinton as Flynn Rider from "Rapunzel."

He's a play boy who seems to have reformed. He reminds me of Flynn, but the Flynn from the beginning of the movie. Not the sweet guy who will die for love. Bill is a fuck boy, through and through. He only does things to benefit himself.

5. Sarah Palin as Snow White from "Snow White."

Actual footage of Sarah Palin...^^^^

She exhibits all the classic "homemaker" characteristics. If that floats your boat, then cool, but she is by no means a feminist. And she's a little crazy, which also makes her air-headed, but who am I to judge? They are the classic and traditional woman. Honestly, It's annoying. I need strong women role models, not these chicks.

6. Barack Obama as Mufasa from "The Lion King."

He's wise but in the end he gets killed (Obama, metaphorically) by his haters who were jealous of him. Sounds pretty fitting to me. Trump also = Scar. Everyone tries to ruin Obama's legacy with anger and hate but look at all the GOOD he did. Dude is wise and a damn good speaker, just like the BELOVED Mufasa.

7. Michelle Obama as Moana from "Moana."

I love Moana and I think she fits Michelle Obama well because this lady gets what she wants. She doesn't give up or let go of her dreams. She just puts some of her life on hold because it's best for her people...just like MICHELLE! I love how Moana breaks out on her own and is the brains of the operations with Maui. These ladies are goals. Michelle for President 2020! Just kidding. *whispers* Not really.

8. Paul Ryan as Kuzco from "Emperor's New Groove."

Dude is a coward, like legit full of himself, but will push the blame onto others or dodge the serious issues. He never realizes his ways like Kuzco, though some would say Kuzco never does. I don't have hope for Paul Ryan either.

9. Bernie Sanders as Rafiki from "The Lion King."

Bernie! My man. He BEATS sense into people, though for some reason everyone ignores him...like SIMBA does for Rafiki and ALL AMERICANS with Bernie. #justsaying

10. Elizabeth Warren as Nala from "The Lion King."

These ladies stand up for what they believe in and will not take shit from anyone. Man or woman. She has class and humor. She knows that no one can push her around, just like Nala.

11. Angela Dorothea Merkel as Mulan from "Mulan."

The real best Disney lady for the woman who continuously breaks and cracks that glass ceiling. Like Mulan, Angela is a fighter and a go getter. She has saved millions of lives with her progressive ways, much like Mulan saved all of China. She is challenging so many societal norms, just like Mulan challenged gender and cultural norms. These ladies are a force to be reckoned with. They give me life. Both are such inspiring women. Mulan will forever be my favorite Disney princess. #sorrynotsorry