10 Reasons Why Pop Culture Just Bursts Bubble
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10 Reasons Why Pop Culture Just Bursts Bubble

Perez, I can explain....

10 Reasons Why Pop Culture Just Bursts Bubble

Confession time: I am way behind on pop culture and trends. I always have, and I likely always will be. This isn't uncommon for people with Asperger's, so I'm not going to waste my time worrying why my mind is wired like this. It's a piece of my identity, and I'm beyond proud of it.

How could that be? Here are ten reasons for you:

1. I love celebrities for their personalities, not their work or looks.

Yes, believe it or not, I do like One Direction, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry. Despite the fact that none of them have released new music or gone on tours in a while, I still love these individuals and would love to meet them one day.

I also don't care if any of them never release new music ever again. Why? I love these celebrities because of their personalities and hearts, not because they're....well, celebrities.

2. I'm a great person to go to if you need someone to take you seriously.

I hate celebrity gossip and avoid it at all costs. Honestly, it seems so dehumanizing to put so much pressure on a person when he or she is going through a rough time in life. If you're going through this, I want to listen and help you, not spread rumors or gossip about you. I also keep everything confidential so you never have to worry about a secret slipping out.

3. Everything I love never goes out of style.

Reebok sneakers. The Quarrymen. Colors so bright that a rainbow looks dull. You won't hear Perez raving on any of these things anytime soon since they supposedly "went out of fashion" decades ago.

However, I'm not one for Stilettos (too painful), the Jonas Brothers (too annoying and just plain lousy), or nude shades (too bland). I don't care what everyone is raving about nowadays; I stick to fads that make me happy, so to me they never go out of style.

4. I'll always have true blue friends by my side.

Think about it; would the friends you have now still be your friends if you told them you thought that the Jonas Brothers sounded like a group of ostriches with sleep apnea? (That's what they sound like to me!) If they wouldn't, get some new friends. People should want to be around you because of your demeanor, not your pop culture sense.

5. My time is devoted to things that really matter.

Instead of re-watching every season of the Bachelor for the umpteenth time, I'd sooner spend my evenings gabbing with my friends, going on adventures, or cuddling with my boyfriend. Which leads to my next point......

6. I've got a love life that I truly love.

Neither I nor my current boyfriend has a lot of money, so there's no candlelit dinners or 24k rings in our future. Frankly, I'll be happy even if we never have one. My SO and I are together because we love each other, not because we want the other one's money, possessions, or "luckiness" (you know what I mean.) Yes, we have our rough patches, but I'll take a real relationship with rough spots over a squeaky clean fake one any day of the week.

7. I don't yearn for nostalgia.

Sheesh, if I hear one more person my age complain about how life was "so much better" when Dunkaroos and Cosmic Brownies were food groups or when "Nickelodeon had that cool splat instead of the font it has now" I'm going to throw a refrigerator out the window!

Okay, not literally, but I am getting more than a little miffed about people wanting to go back to their childhoods when "everything was better." Dwelling on the past just leads to misery and you miss out on all the amazing things we have in the present.

Have you ever thought about the kinds of things that we would lose today if those were still around? Nickelodeon might not even be a channel at all! That being said...

8. The things from the past I did love are things I'll always have around.

Thanks to the power of YouTube, decades worth of television shows can be passed down to younger generations. I was always a fan of "Arthur" growing up, and just about very episode can be found on YouTube. Ditto for "The Monkees" (my mom's favorite television show growing up,) "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood," (a favorite of one of my close friends,) and hundreds of other shows that have been off the air for years.

I'm extremely pleased to know that I am able to pass the torch of some amazing entertainment along to future generations, especially as some of the former stars have deceased.

9. I buy whatever I want when shopping or eating out.

No trend hunting for me; if I don't like it, I don't buy it. If I do like it, I'll buy it if I have the money. Keep your freak shakes and Hollister tops to yourself

10. For me, life's (usually) pretty great.

No betrayal, no backstabbing, no bruises. A few meltdowns hee and there, but that's a story for another day.

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