Polyamory: The New Norm?
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Polyamory: The New Norm?

What will we do about it?

Polyamory: The New Norm?

Polyamory is defined as the state of being in love, or romantically involved, with more than one person at the same time. As a college student, I see a lot of people go against the norms of monogamy. They hook up with who they want, hang out with who they want, and don't see the point of a relationship. Seeing this has quickly become the norm. Most of us don't judge those who don't want to be monogamous. When we meet a guy, we no longer expect him to be for monogamy either. However, I have yet to see a guy or girl who wants multiple RELATIONSHIPS at one time. Multiple hook up partners? Yes, all the time. But multiple relationships? Not yet. I do think that it is quickly going to become a norm.

Basically the way polyamory works, and I'm trying to say this without offending anyone, is that a person has several open relationships with the consent of everyone in these relationships. Every person knows that their partner and themselves have multiple partners, and they consent to it. A person could have a boyfriend of three years, one of one year and be dating several others. It's an interesting concept. The basis is that you have multiple partners, and give love and time to all of them. When one partner isn't fulfilling needs and wants, another is. However, it isn't considered cheating because all partners are agreeing to the situation. Don't mix up polyamory with polygamy. They are two completely different things.

The issue isn't with polyamorous people or with the building popularity of this new type of relationship. My worries lie in the millennial generation and the generations before us. When I first heard about polyamory, I was appalled! "How could this not be considered cheating?" "This isn't biblically correct!" and "This isn't morally correct!" were all thoughts that ran through my head. Then, I realized what I was doing. I was shaming people just as whites shamed the blacks, straights shamed the homosexuals, and intelligent humans shamed the mentally ill. So how do we face this? Do we shove our religion in their faces? Do we bring them down to a lower level? This time should be different. We should face something new without the need for parades and religious rallies that won't change a thing.

In June of 2015, the United States Supreme Court took a huge step and made gay marriage legal. To some US citizens, this was a detriment to our country. To others, this was only another step in the coming of the end of the world. On the other hand, some thought it was a step towards a socially accepting society. Many of us stand in a place where we are constantly torn between our incredibly deep love for Christ and our NEED to accept people for who they are, despite their beliefs in things that we don't agree with. You will never see us at a gay pride parade and you will never see the day that we are in a polyamorous relationship. Some of us are young enough, or maybe stupid enough, to believe that not everybody has to believe in what we believe. We stood behind our Supreme Court's choice because we believe that hindering someone's relationships based on our own religion or opinions is down right ignorant. The point is that when polyamory blows up in our faces, instead of making them feel as if they are unwanted in our society, let them be what they are. They are in no way hurting us. They believe differently then we do, why is this a problem?

For once in the history of time, can we let people be who they are? Despite our own beliefs, our own religions, and our own morals, can we look at a homosexual, a different race, the mentally ill, and even the polyamorous and just let it be (cue the Beetles)? This time, as Americans, be different. Don't fight them, don't shame, them and don't throw religion in their faces. This isn't only about polyamory, it's about anything new and different. We tend to look at new things and either run or fight it. Wouldn't life be so much easier if we just let people be who they are? Stop trying to change people. Stop trying to make people believe in what you believe in. Accept people for who they are. Let people be different.The world would be a boring place without difference.

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