Politics Suck

Ugh, politics. I am one of the few people I know who absolutely despises politics. I don't watch the debates amongst presidential candidates, I don't care that this is probably one of the most controversial election years ever, and I don't want to talk about Trump or Clinton. Does this make me unpatriotic? I don't care about that, either. Our government is a corruption block party disguised as a comedy show disguised as a semi-intelligent organization. I have lost all respect for most (if not all) government officials, and I have no problem telling people just how quickly America has gone to hell in a hand basket. The only government-run organization I truly support is our police force, which many have decided to abandon. To anyone who works in law enforcement: you do have at least one supporter.

Why do I hate politics so much? There are several reasons, and one is the mudslinging that transpires during political campaigns. Why politicians insist upon tearing the other down and exposing supposed scandals is beyond me. I would be much more interested in hearing what he/she is (honestly) planning to do for our state/country. To all those politicians who think ripping each other apart on national television is the best way to win votes: most intelligent individuals don't want a five year old leading our country.

I am not a fan of our party system. I know several people who insist upon voting with one party no matter who is running, and I just don't roll that way. I generally agree more with Republican candidates than Democratic ones, but if there is ever a Democrat I fancy, I'll have no issue voting for that person. Both parties have good and bad points, and they both behave like spoiled children who have just been told "no" by Mommy. To all those who feel guilty for straying from their traditional party: go with your instincts and save us all from another terrible president.

Last semester, I overheard a conversation in which someone explained that most individuals attending college lean more toward the liberal side because these people are educated. I could not disagree more. I am attending college, and I do not consider myself a liberal because I don't agree with liberal ideologies. I don't identify with any one group; I know what I believe, and as long as a statement is true, it doesn't matter who says it. To all those who believe that all "educated" people are liberals: our government is in charge of our education, so you may want to reconsider that statement.

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