There has been a lot of activity on and off the field this summer when concerning sports. From Kaepernick and taking a knee, to Jemele Hill, to Trump himself rescinding his White House invitation to Steph Curry. It has caused a lot of people to get very angry and yell "get politics out of my sports," or "I just watch sports to get away from politics," and everything in between. Well I hate to break it to you, but politics are and always will be a part of sports.

Let's start with Colin Kaepernick, the most talked about athlete that doesn't play. Let's be honest here, Kaepernick is not a top-10 or even top-20 quarterback at the moment. But I guarantee you he is better than at least 5 quarterbacks in the NFL. If Brian Hoyer, or Mike Glennon can keep getting paid millions to play shit football, surely Kaepernick can. The only thing that's keeping him off the field is his knee. No, it's not injured. You know what I'm talking about.

America collectively lost its shit over Kaepernick and taking a knee during the national anthem. Because for some reason a football player can only be that, a football player. He should just take his millions, throw the football, get off the field and keep his mouth shut.

But Kaepernick wasn't going to do that. He recognizes that change only occurs with action. And so while one knee might have unjustly ended his career, it has sparked a never-ending debate about race and patriotism.

So let's talk about taking a knee during the national anthem. One thing I cannot understand is why people get so angry about it. Kaepernick taking a knee does absolutely nothing to you. It does not affect your beliefs, it does not affect your "patriotism," and it doesn't do anything but deliver a message. A message that says "this country is not equal." Kaepernick is standing up for all black people in America that have been wronged.

And he's not alone, Michael Bennet, Marshawn Lynch, Eric Reid, eleven Cleveland Browns players, and many more across the league have joined in this season. They are peacefully protesting, kneeling in complete silence, but that's just too much apparently. Remember when white supremacists flooded a town for torches, drove into a crowd of people, and beat a black man because a racist statue was going to be removed?

No one's talking about that anymore. Instead, it's all about these black men protesting what is wrong in this country, but white people just can't let it go. If this is too much protest from black people, then what the hell are they supposed to do?

The truth that no one wants to point out is that white people think there are no race problems in America, which in turn is pretty ignorant and racist. To not acknowledge the disparity in treatment of African Americans in this country is just plain wrong. So stop telling them to stand back up, you're part of the problem.

Moving on, our lovely dumb-as-a-rock President has escalated this entire situation to another level. Not only did he say that owners should "tell those son's of bitches to get off the field" (referencing players taking a knee), he also got into a twitter tantrum about Rodger Goodell, uninvited Steph Curry to the White House which in turn led to the entire Golden State Warriors to un-invite themselves, and caused the god of sports, LeBron James, to call him "a bum."

Wow, that was a mouthful. So it's incredibly ironic how Trump has politicized all of this shit to another level, and nearly everyone who hates black people protesting in sports and wants it gone also voted for the man. I won't even bother going into how ignorant and idiotic everything Trump said was here, because it's too much.

Politics and sports are intrinsically connected forever, and it's not just about players protesting for equality. Here in Cincinnati, we are stuck in the middle of an incredibly frustrating feud over where to locate FC Cincinnati's new soccer stadium and the situation could not be any more political.

How about the Olympics? The Miracle on Ice? You can't tell me that wasn't political. How about when the freaking Nazi's hosted the Olympics? What about the whole Washington Redskins debacle (that seemingly no one cares about anymore)?

There are countless connections to sports and politics because you simply cannot expect the people who participate in them to not reflect the country they are living in. Next time you see a player taking a knee, instead of getting outraged, maybe take a second and think "hmmm, why would they be doing this" and you just might get 1% of a better perspective on the issue. If you still fail to understand, well put your MAGA hat back on and go back to the coal mine.

We cannot continue to ignore the social injustices of our time. And if it takes a Colin Kaepernick, a LeBron James, or even a Steph Curry standing up and speaking out to get something done about it, then by all means, take a knee.