Alas, this topic makes me feel like weeping. I have seen this and variations of it time and time again on the Internet. I'm targetting no one person in particular – for my heart breaks for the individual writing these tweets as well.

In a voice of indignation, I cry, "Love, the future is thine!" (line from Les Miserables) and "The Republic must be united!" My heart breaks for those who are being slandered, but also for those doing the slandering, so they may see the light.

I believe we have all seen comments and tweets like this on the Internet:

"The other political party is DEMONIC, my side is the side of GOD because he CHOSE my politician."

In retaliation, they have responses saying, "NO, MY SIDE IS THE WILL OF GOD!"

It goes back and forth, cussing, calling the other side "Satan," and hinting at a divine right of presidents where the president is unquestioned and persecuted.

I cannot judge the heart of Trump or any of these people making these tweets. I do plead with them to stop the hate and stop the religious metaphors at once for the Republic's sake, and for the sake of both the church and state.

Some of the most powerful terminology on earth is that of religion – religion strikes a chord close to the hearts of humanity as they think about their very soul and eternal salvation.

Religion has been abused and corrupted throughout the ages by power-hungry leaders wanting to make the masses blindly listen.

There is nothing biblical about the kings of France and Spain who massacred people in the "name of God," the Russian czars who kicked Jewish people out of villages for "God's will," the church officials who persecuted Martin Luther for the 95 Theses, or the American Protestants who beat up Catholics in the name of God.

This makes God's heart sad and goes against the very core of the Gospel.

In 1810 Venezuela, after an earthquake, the Catholic Church said, "The revolution is evil because God brought this earthquake."

Actually, God did not bring the earthquake and death on innocent thousands (both loyalists and patriots). It was the natural occurrence of tectonic plate movements and the larger picture of the year without a summer.

However, people reacted based on emotion and impulse. The idea that "God is on our side" is a powerful psychological factor, and it has led men (and women) to do horrible things in the name of Christ, such as nations going to war against nations or genocide – especially across France – all in the name of who interpreted a Scriptural passage in a certain way.

In my own country, the USA, we have had a long and shameful history of oppressing Catholics. A largely Protestant nation, the US has discriminated against Catholic immigrants, and gangs have acted violently against Catholics all because of religious differences.

Accusing Democrats of being "Satan," attacking groups of people who differ, Protestants in the USA attacking Catholics as the "enemy," the Catholic kingdom of France (and Spain) massacring Protestants under the guise of "God," kings claiming the "divine right" and "God's will" while oppressing their people – all of this is against the Bible.

For those people I see who claim to be biblical and who use the Word of God to justify hate against a political or racial group, I have this Bible verse in mind:

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves." -Matthew 7:15

Do not be a wolf in sheep's clothing; do not use Scripture to tear down your fellow humans who were created in the image of God.

Please remember that your faith shows through works, and although works do not get us to heaven, we are to show the world the love and light of Christ.

You, citizen of heaven, are a light of the world. You are to show others the love of God.

"Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God." -1 John 4:7

Claiming the other side is "demonic" would not bring them to your side. If anything, it will scare them away, and they may even turn against the church you claim to love and value so much.

This is the very essence of God: love – we are to love people, and through that, this world will be a better place.

Calling people "demonic" just for having a different political opinion is part of the problem that is tearing apart our nation. By using such divisive terminology, and especially terminology involving religion and other issues close to the hearts of the people, we create walls between each other – and it will be a terrible stain on both the church and the nation. As the church, we are called to love and edify. Christ intermingled with people of all walks of life and while remaining pure, he spoke to all with love to win people to liberation.

The church is not a political tool, but a tool to help society. Don't get me wrong – Christians should be active in politics; everybody should be. Through remaining active in politics, it is how the people can stand up for liberty and equality and resist despotism. If the people aren't active in politics, it will be easy for a King Louis type of character to take power, and we will wonder where our rights went.

But do not use church/religious terminology in politics, for it makes the words of Scripture out to be campaign slogans and further results in isolation and division. Many may even turn away from Christianity, feeling unwelcomed because of their politics. Both church and state are important, and it is perfectly fine to be involved in both. Do not claim that your side is "God's side" and the other side is "the devil" because this harmful seed has no biblical root and in the long run, it will shake the foundations of the Republic if left untamed.

The love of God is for all people regardless of their political background, and it extends to all humanity. "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" is both the slogan of the French Revolution and a slogan for life.

Liberty – We are free to do whatever we please as long as it does not infringe on another's liberty.

Equality – We are all inherently equal in the sight of both God and science, and nobody is favored.

Fraternity – We must all act as a family and love those who are different and march in solidarity for a better future for all.

For all of those claiming, "But God is working through my candidate, HE CHOSE MY CANDIDATE!" – do we really know all the ways of God?

I don't; I have memorized large parts of the Bible since I was five in my church's Sunday School program, but I am not God, nor do I know the ways of God. I act as I do to promote liberty and freedom for all people and to make the world a better place.

In the Bible, it says, "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," saith the Lord. "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts." -Isaiah 55:8-9

It is dangerous to speculate about whether God is with a particular candidate or not. God can work through anybody – would you say the same for Obama if you said it for Trump? God loves us all equally, and yes, he can work through people – but what is to say he isn't working through those opposed to Trump also? What is to say that God isn't shaking his head at the pettiness of claiming that one of these sides is "His" side when he loves us all equally and wants us to come to Him?

Oh, my dear citizen reading this, ever since I reached my teenage years, I dreamed of making this country a better place for human rights. I extended that to the world and a vision to have democracy flourish in the hearts of all. I was active in church, but also active in politics. I will not claim that I know which candidate "God's will is with," but I do know God should not be limited to a political candidate. He is a God of love and including all. He is not a God of division. Using God as a puppet only further drives the hearts of people apart.

Yes, be active in politics – be involved and speak up for your beliefs. Do not claim to be speaking for God or demonize the other side. If we want to make this world a better place for both the church and state, we shall leave them both individually in their own spheres. It is fine to let the Christian principles of "Do justice, love mercy, walk humbly" influence you, but claiming to be speaking for the will of God is a dangerous thing to do.

Live life to improve the world in little acts, and remember that listening to people who are different from you and extending love to them is a timeless principle that Jesus himself expressed. Long live liberty, and may we all walk together to a brighter future for the church and state, separated by a role of secularism, but both important to improving the lives of others. The Gospel of Christ is too beautiful of a thing to use for personal ambitions.