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It Is Possible to Politely Disagree

It costs nothing to just be nice.


I just want to put a PSA out there: If you don't agree with what someone says or does, you don't have to be a jerk about it.

There is literally no law in place that requires you to be a gigantic asshole when you don't like something.

People can have different viewpoints and politely disagree with one another.

This is all possible, I assure you. That's why the phrase "agree to disagree" exists. Or the golden rule. Or why we're all taught how to speak to one another with respect from an early age.

Some people have lost the manners they were taught in kindergarten, it seems.

I work on a college campus in the center of downtown Denver. It's an open campus where people from all walks of life pass through, and often times, those people are canvassers. Sometimes there are religious zealots, and that can be a little annoying, but nevertheless, it's entirely possible to just be effing polite when you don't feel like engaging.

The other day, there was a young man walking around asking people for signatures to petition for a bill to increase funding for mental health services. I signed it. Why not? But had I not wanted to sign it, I would have simply said, "No, thank you. But good luck!"

That's all it takes.

Can someone tell that to the girl that decided to lecture this poor kid about how mental health issues are a "personal choice" and "not taxpayers' responsibility?" She didn't have to shout and yell and belittle this kid's cause. She could have just said no.

Can someone tell that to the guy that shouted at the young woman asking for donations to Planned Parenthood and called her a "baby murderer?"

Can someone tell that to the kid who screamed about how climate change is a myth while mocking the guy petitioning against fracking?

Can someone tell that to the person who spit at the street preacher who was simply telling people to "have a blessed day" and that Jesus loves them? Regardless of if you believe in god or Jesus, how can something so innocent justify such anger?

We live in a turbulent time, but not everything has to be a debate. We don't have to start a fight over every disagreement. If you have a problem with an "agenda" someone is pushing, why not try talking to them about it? Ask them why they believe what they believe. Try to learn something new. And maybe you'll still disagree at the end of the day, but at least you showed them some courtesy.

Be kind to each other. That's all. It costs literally zero dollars and takes less effort than working yourself up to anger over nothing.

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