People expect you to look at it with a sigh of relief when they tell you that they don't see color. The thing is, however, how is that supposed to warm people up? I recognize that I'm of a different skin tone. The thing is I'm proud of who I am. There's no reason anyone shouldn't be. I think it says enough in itself that people would rather be blind than accept anyone of any size, shape, or color. This is a poem I wrote on that.


One moment, People act as if they need to be different around me as I am a man of color

The very next, they say they are color blind, pretending as if unsure

But you see, the fact you were able to pick me out of the crowd to say that

Lets me know you see it all

Funny, however, you're just as colored as I am

Does me saying that make your skin crawl?

Aren't you red with irritation?

When someone calls out the injustice?

Or are you green with sickness when you see people exist like this?

Are you blue from sadness wishing we could actually live peacefully?

Or do you glow a solid Peach colored tone unphased by inequality?

So if you don't see color

Do you see yourself?

How can you see me?

It's not about not seeing color

It's about appreciating them all equally

But I guess we all show our true colors in the end…

Don't we?