I've chased the sun and counted clouds one by one.

I can smile without reason I've never doubted that is my favorite season.

My best accessory is my rose-colored contacts, I know how it feels when you sometimes get a little off track.

I've had the pleasure of falling in love in April showers, 219,000 hours.

I've set sail on two oceans, tried hard to make daily devotions.

Some days I am brave, others I am the one that needs to be saved.

I drove along every mile of Interstate 95, just trying to find the place where I can thrive.

I have learned that on occasion home is the ultimate getaway, 9125 days.

I've been overwhelmed by skyscrapers and crowded places, at night I got down on my knees and prayed for God's good graces.

I found family in people I share no relation, once or twice I questioned my life's foundation.

I prefer daisies or sunflowers to a red rose, sometimes the thing you're looking for most is right at the end of your nose.

Maybe one day I will be too old for people to pinch my cheeks, 1300 weeks.

I can remember the days I wouldn't eat steak, but never have I ever turned down a cupcake.

Tattoos on my body I now have 3, I am always willing to agree to disagree.

I have dreams of visiting California, and all 50 states, to experience an adventure and all it creates.

Swim in the sea and feels it's depths, 300 months.

I have one mother and two fathers, high school was the only time I made some kind of honors.

Love is a feeling I've always had in my heart, it pains me to see those who belong together apart.

If you look at my face you'll see my lifelines, I have made many friends all kinds of kinds.

I am still learning how to conquer all my fears, 25 years.