In my short eighteen years, I have discovered that life is going to hit you hard and sometimes you can't do anything but watch as it falls before you into a million tiny pieces. Lately, I have been tired ALL the time, but aren’t we all. I feel like no matter what I do, I don’t have enough hours in the day. I realize this is what life is and I will probably be just as tired for the rest of my life. Sometimes I wish I could freeze time if only for a moment just to pause and breathe before unfreezing and finishing the other ninety billion items on my to-do list.


I am tired

I am tired of life

I am tired of moving

I am tired of going through the motions

I am tired of my repetitious life where nothing ever changes

I love my life. I love school and I love the people around me.

I am content

I am happy

I am content

I am happy

I am excited for something to eventually change my path

I am excited for the unexpected that is my life

I am excited for those I will soon meet

I am excited for the new day

I am excited


Life may be exhausting; however, the exhaustion will turn into excitement because the harder you work the more you have to look forward to. As much as I want to pause and take a breath, I can’t, because stopping means quitting and winners can’t quit (I’m not a winner, I’m a bad loser, but I want to be a winner.) And sometimes we have no choice but to take what we have available to us even if it means we have no choice but to put our hands out and catch the million tiny pieces that life is in because it is the only one you have, so glue it back together.