Poetry on Odyssey: New Cherubino
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Poetry on Odyssey: New Cherubino

Loving Simply, Like a Child

Poetry on Odyssey: New Cherubino
Palmarin Merges

New Cherubino

How good it is to find myself

In love with everyone

And revel as a lover should

In everything that’s done

How great it is to not despair

But enjoy what’s lost and won

No pain and sorrow do we share

Refreshing tears on anon

Hope in love is but forgiveness

A hand clasped when we stumbled

The grudge brushed off in peacefulness

With kindness anger humbled

Love is giving without taking

Generosity in full

It is doing without breaking

It’s catching when one might fall

Love is a good and joyful thing

Sunshine bright among the rain

It’s a life more than a feeling

Unadorned, simple, Beauty Plain

This Poem is inspired by the ideals of love put forth by the youthful character Cherubino in Mozart's Opera The Marriage of Figaro. Here, instead of a hormonal teenager, Love is embodied by all of the good things one looks for, going beyond lust and confused feelings to a good place, where the simplicity of Love makes it all the greater.

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