Poetry On Odyssey: Mask
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Poetry On Odyssey: Mask

It's time for her to take the stage.

An already dead, non-existent relationship between a couple

the room reeks of heavy, suffocating silence

the living room's lights flickering occasionally

the scent of familiarity in the apartment no longer exists

the king-sized bed is now meant for one

the way they clawed for the past few months

chills her to the very bone and

eats away at her already wilting soul

just like a moth drawn to the flame

his presence and attention are all she needs

perhaps they have met their crossroad long ago

now they are just afraid to face the music

how much they fought for each other initially

how much they fought to be together

she feels like puking her gut out

ding dong ding dong knock knock

he's finally home

his cold glare is something she's accustomed to

the past loving husband façade is dead and

now replaced by a demonic presence

take a bath and then dinner will be ready in no time

she sweeps teardrops off her flawless porcelain face

and flashes her best smile at the demon

performance time

that's what she thought

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