Poetry On Odyssey: Babygirl

Poetry On Odyssey: Babygirl

Babygirl, look at me.


Babygirl, you keep me warm at night

When the world is cold, and shining bright.

Babygirl, look at me

You and I, are destined to be.

Babygirl, the clock is ticking

So soon enough, we'll be kissing.

Babygirl, look at me

You're so strong, just like a tree.

Babygirl, the world is spinning

But you and I just keep on grinning.

Babygirl, look at me

You're so beautiful, can't you see?

Babygirl, hold on tight

And hope the bed bugs do not bite.

Babygirl, look at me

I love you as much as you love the bourgeoisie.

Babygirl, you're so funny

And so sweet, just like fresh honey.

Babygirl, look at me

I love your spirit, so wild, so free.

Babygirl, I love you

And I'm ecstatic you love me too.

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