His words were wisps along the tails of the wind, whispering sounds of love just as refreshing as the gentle breeze she felt coming in from the sea.

His blue eyes, she watched, sparkled in the light of the teetering streetlamp at the side of the road.

They glistened faintly as they admired her, brimming with emotion. "How I miss you," she said, as the rain poured down on the other side of the reflective windowpane.

The eyes blink as she blinks, changing color and releasing a trickle of a tear. She instinctively reaches to brush it away.

She's met with a cool sensation but the sight of the tips of her own fingers.

She moves to touch her own cheek and she feels the wetness as she recognizes the eyes in the window as her own.

He's gone, and she begins to doubt if he was ever there.