Poetry On Odyssey: An Ode To Christmas
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Poetry On Odyssey: An Ode To Christmas

Christmas: simply more than presents under the tree

Poetry On Odyssey: An Ode To Christmas

Christmas: a celebration that comes every year,
Though joyous and bright, many forget; and only see strife.
Time for believing and filling hearts with warmth and cheer,
Let's focus on how changing gears can rid the world of this seasonal rife.

Snowflakes frozen with great care, add specific aesthetic to the gleeful air,
Bringing forth angels in white, inviting messages to keep us vernal;
Not to mention colors so crucial to honor His crucifixion and devotion eternal.
So remember, tis the season of giving and He who guides us in prayer.

Oh blessed Christmas star, guided by three men ever so wise,
Manger filled with myrrh, incense, and gold;
Filled with love and birth, away from the cold,
Lightened with candles warming their spirits until first sunrise.

Star of the north bringing forth a new beginning,
Uncovering that Christmas time and its Thanksgivings are the true meaning;
For being thankful and giving, not wanting, might even refrain us from sinning.
Arise to the distant morn, the season lives on through a spiritual greening.

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