To The Great Smoky Mountains, From The Girl Who Left

mornings easy and dewy grass blades

fresh sunlight bottomless and free

out the window the skyline rendered

jagged and broken the bones

of these mountains

of these mountains to which i once

called home, sometimes i am sorry

that i left you and abandoned your beauty

to someone and to thing unknown. I

am on my way to my future, but

if luck would have it, i may return

if luck would have it, i may return

to the bliss filled, stubborn, go getter i

was long ago, but for right now it

seems i need to let go. Go somewhere

that no one knows me, who i was or

who i will be, but somewhere that

completes me and treats me by its own

completes me and treats me by it own

i long for somewhere that knows

my soul, but where did it go?

i’m on a quest to find something

that is long gone

that is long gone, and so is the

girl who once called these mountains a home.

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