Looking back on that naive girl,

entering college, a whole new world

with a mountainous horizon hanging ahead

I wish I could tell her, the view was worth it in the end.

I wish I could tell her that her high expectations

would soon come crashing down

hiding her true desires was only a limitation

and she shouldn't try to please those around

her because she'll be stripped down to

"why am I here?"

a question that would haunt her in later years

as she studied abroad and transferred schools

but I wish I could tell her not to fear,

she had nothing to lose

because she would only find herself more.

I wish I could tell her prince-charming

would stick around in the end

and to trust the process of leaning in

on God's will and good friends

because it has been more than okay

and only sweeter with each day.

I wish I could show her the girl

walking across the stage-aisle

with her cap, gown, and a huge smile

with even more dreams that lay ahead

and knowing her worth is not worth compromising

because her naive freshman self

would not even recognize the woman she is now.