Poetry On Odyssey: And They Said Growing Up Was Gonna Be Fun
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Poetry On Odyssey: And They Said Growing Up Was Gonna Be Fun

"You Could Work 40 Hours But It's Still Not Enough"

Poetry On Odyssey: And They Said Growing Up Was Gonna Be Fun
Farmacia Barnolas

Poetry can be interpreted in a million different ways. You can read it how it applies to you in your life or you can try to figure out what the author meant. I invite you to first read my poem, come up with your own conclusion, and then read below it to see my explanation.

Adult life is

When bills pile up

When there’s a shot

In your cup

When you work 40 hours

But it’s still not enough.

Your bed feels like

a cloud

You wanna stay in

A minute longer

But you feel like you’re not allowed.

Wishing you could graduate

So you can make your earnings

And keep on yearning

For a better life.

As I get older, the work load just keeps piling. So many school applications and forms need to be submitted. So many work and home responsibilities pile up. You need to make choices that will impact your life forever (credit cards, taking out loans, paying bills, etc).

I wrote this poem based on my current life situation but i'm sure many people can agree with my point of view. My part-time job is filled with students and people who work there but want something better with their lives. How we learned to enjoy ourselves turned into trying things that take us out of reality for a while. Some people never have done that before but it has now turned into something they crave every now and then. Since this job isn't my career, I see myself working long, tiresome hours and it not really making a difference in my financial situation. I also see how tired I get every single day and how bad my bed calls me but it's not the mature thing to do to stay in bed all day (although I want to and sometimes do).

If you ask anyone, they’ll tell you how done they are with going to school and working their part-time, just trying to get by, jobs. It’s not because their lazy. They just want to be doing it already. Whether it is their career goals or other life goals, they just want to be successful and they can’t wait for the day it all comes true.

Dreams don’t necessarily come true over night. You need to work at them constantly. You need to be under construction, so to speak, for a long time and that’s perfectly okay. Just because things aren't going your way doesn't mean they won't come together. Poetry is where I take out my frustration and speak my mind.

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