two deceptive letters

pure and naked eyes see in white.

"I'm ok," he replied;

untainted eyes only

see the black and white,

moving their gaze elsewhere;

our world's people correspond with light's speed.


remains deceitfully steadfast,

satisfies worldly quantities


breaking his soul's quality.

white lies untamed

grow into mortal demons

who feed on pieces of the broken soul.


shadows the frail

'br' and 'en'

encompassing it,

tainting them off-black and

invisible to the innocent eyes.

however the already broken souls

see between black and white.


"i'm ok" one year later

couldn't fool the listener

tortured by the white lies told by

two deceptive letters.

gray letters to them stood out

brighter than white ever will,

and their heart ached for his soul

as they translated

"i'm ok"


"i'm broken."

-Unfortunately, it takes the broken to notice the broken.