Poetry On Odyssey: I'm Just Me

Poetry on odyssey: I'm Just me

This is who I am.


I am truly sorry

For the life I lead,

I am sorry

That I'm not the perfect image you dreamed of,

Of a normal girl with a proper face

Respectable dreams and ambitions

I guess you don't seem to understand

I have dreams too

I have a face just like you

They just don't match up to what you want

Why do you want ordinary?

It only leads you nowhere

Like a flat tire in the middle of a highway

I am sorry I'm not a flat tire

But then I wouldn't be moving at all

I'd just be stuck

Why do you prefer realism?

Haven't you ever heard of imagination?

Imagination, a kingdom of big visions and wide opportunities?

Where dreams run free like a herd of cattle making their way to the pen,

And nothing is too absurd

I am very sorry,

That my dreams are not befitting,

For a regular girl

I have never been a regular girl

Nor will I ever be

As long as I have a face like mine

A body which does not adhere to normal, beautiful appearances

Regularity is dead,

Dead like a candle that burned out

So I am sorry,

That I am not a girl most of the world sees daily

But what I'm NOT sorry for

Is for being who I am

And being proud just being me

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