Finally Expressing My True love
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Poetry On Odyssey: My Blue

I have a secret, and only through these six poems will I reveal it.



11 days have felt like months by your side

Since my soul constantly feels electrified

By you and your blue eyes.

During our endless conversations

And quiet stare's,

My heart opens widely for you,

And only thoughts of you linger through my mind.

As days and nights go by,

I am eager to see how our relationship unfolds

And what the future holds.

As time passes by,

And I sit by your side,

I feel as though our souls intertwine.

Even though we come from different roots,

Our paths crossing was no coincidence,

Because my heart is finally beginning to feel complete.


Thoughts of you warm my heart

my stomach fills with butterflies

my mind lingers beyond its space

grateful that our paths crossed

lucky for your patience

always listening to your opinions

eager to learn from your perspectives

feeling secure just by the way our lips meet

the sense of loneliness has gone away

hopeful to change the world with you

and fulfill all of our dreams

side by side I pray that we be

for these past sixty days

shared with memories of you

are the happiest I've ever been...


It's crazy how much time we spend together

But my heart can never get enough

Every second spent apart

My chest feels overwhelmed

I look at the moon

And the sky above

And think about the time that is spinning past us

My cheeks fluster

My eyes water

For unexplainable and unfamiliar reasons

All I know and want is you.


Roots tall, and green

Trunk strong

A human being tree filled with

such natural loving energy

Never selfish

always generous

Only the lucky ones get the chance

to encounter his soul within.


All of my life, I've been in love with trees.

Not only because I can climb on them whenever I need,

or cling onto them in hopes of feeling free-

but because I've always felt that when I sat under the tree,

my soul intertwined with its roots,

making me feel safe and secure.

Its branches grew leaves that would give me shade and

cover over me-

like an umbrella, but strongly protecting me.

Its strong trunk holds me together when I am feeling my worst,

the leaves never abandon me, for they are constantly surrounding me,

the branches are never too tall or inaccessible for me to climb,

and the flowers grow- even on the rainiest days.

Thank you for being my tree.


The blood in my heart has always crashed like ocean waves

because to me the relationships in the past

were only ever unsatisfactory or mentally abusive

but now with you in my life- even though it may be too soon to tell-

everything is calming down the blood in my veins.

The salt is finally sweetening up,

the scars are almost vanishing,

my soul is finally mending,

the thoughts in my mind are somewhat settling,

and the love for myself is continuously growing.

Feeling like myself while attached to someone else,

has never felt achievable until our paths crossed.

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