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Poetry On Odyssey: 'Disaster Girl'

"In reality, you never change the hurricane, you just learn to stay out of it's path."- Jodi Picoult


It's girls like her

That make them name

Hurricanes after people.

She rolled in out of no where,

And we were all caught

In her rain,

Unable to know

The devastation to come.

It's girls like her

That make forest fires

Look like birthday candles.

She tricked me into being happy

While she burned down

Everything I cared about.

It's girls like her

That make earthquakes

Look like a massage chair.

Because she turns and

Smiles at me,

And my world is shaken

Beyond recognition.

It's girls like her

That make quicksand

Look merciful.

Because it's so fast in

Comparison to her.

Quicksand kills you

By tricking you into


But she…

She will drown you in

Her rain

Without you knowing

You're even getting wet.

It's girls like her

That make tornadoes jealous

Because she blew into my life,

And caused so much more damage

Than anyone could

Begin to repair.

It's girls like her

That give natural disasters

A good name.

Because nothing compares

To her devastating charm.

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