A Poetry Book Review: Adultolescence
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A Poetry Book Review: Adultolescence

A beautiful emotional roller coaster wrapped up in 256 pages.

A Poetry Book Review: Adultolescence
Lucas Kozeniesky

Recently I finished reading a poetry book "Adultolescence" by Gabbie Hanna. If you don't know who Gabbie Hanna is, then stop right now and go watch her on YouTube. Here, I'll even give you the links: Gabbie Hanna (formally known as The Gabbie Show) and The Gabbie Vlogs. Why, you ask, must you know her before you read her book? Well simply put it's because this book is her wrapped up in 256 pages. She poured her heart and soul into this book and while you'll still enjoy it even if you don't know her you'll miss some of the beauty that is "Adultolescence."

She is such an amazing person who breaks the mold of celebrities and allows you to see her insecurities and her weakness. She keeps it real.

It isn't your typical poetry book. Many have said they don't understand it or didn't think it was really poetry but isn't that some of the beauty of poetry, that there aren't any defined rules as to what is and is not poetry? I've seen reviews calling it childish so if you don't like childish things then don't pick up this book. I happen to like some childish things but what I really thought was beautiful about this book is that inside the childish are realities that we can feel. It’s wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated, every poem is different. Some will make you cry, whether from laughter or from the gut punch to the feels, you’ll cry. It’s quirky and unique. It is, Gabbie Hanna.

If you need any more inspiration as to why you should read this book then give her song a listen. If you love, or even just like it, then you should read the book as the song is inspired by the book.

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