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A Vicious Chain


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Below is a poem I wrote some time ago, one of the few writings I wrote in agitation. I don't know if words can move mountains or even minds for that matter, but I would like to believe this as my share to the effort of nipping the bud in its root itself.

Rape murder protest repeat
Rape murder protest repeat
Yet another victim
Victim's age receding, criminal's standards alike.
But nothing else seems to change
The usual rant, chaos, and hype.
Post a picture, march a rally
And the next day forgets for what we fought.
Rape murder protest repeat,
Rape murder protest repeat.
The cycle is imminent
Apparent is its cause
But all we care for is an immediate loss
Until our boys are enlightened
That girls are not exquisite commodities
Neither are they pieces of rags
They will continue to quench their curiosity
Stopping to lower standards & means of access.
Until each girl realizes
She is worth more than fetching water for all
And that NO is her natural right
And her qualification is all that matters.

Rape murder protest repeat
Rape murder protest repeat
Justice we all demand
For what is a tangible consequence
But what about the damage we cause
Every day as we ingrain into our systems
The bias- when we stop our girls to have normal interactions with guys
When we hush our complaints
And cripple the ones looking up to us
For their share of justice

Rape murder protest repeat
Rape murder protest repeat
Yes it's the need of the hour
To severely condemn the wrongdoers
But what is more crucial is to
Curb the wrongdoing in the bud
So while we demand an answer from
Our beloved government to act
Let's all pledge to change
The way we think, act and reciprocate
To break this vicious chain
Rape murder protest repeat.

It talks about how the rape culture is not always a cause of one day brawl but a mentality built over years, a temperament developed over generations. So, just a candle march for a day and putting up posts may get you punishment for one culprit(which is also honestly being over ambitious) but things need to change at the root level for preventing rape in the first place.

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