A Poem About My Girlfriend
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A Poem About My Girlfriend

I really like my girlfriend. Here's a little ditty I wrote for her.

A Poem About My Girlfriend
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Let me start by acknowledging I'm nothing special, so I find it hard to believe
That a woman like you would ever take it to be true that I'm more than a mark that'll bleed
My scar-covered wings show harm from the things that are barely removed, not as far as it seems
My heart's smithereens, but you keep approaching, tryna do your part to relieve

I could not comprehend the concept of a pure soul
Who looks at me sincerely and would ever find me beautiful
Is your vision broken? Is your head right?
Or have I been hurt too much and I always assume to tread light?

I'm sorry, I'ma need a second, I'm gonna have to ask you to repeat the message
You mean to bless me with your gleaming presence and you swear to God it's not a scheme or deathwish?
I'm dragged through the underworld, and you make the trip to bring a piece of heaven?
I'm sorry for my cynical ways, but I'm a pea shooter and you're a lethal weapon

I theorize, I ponder, while we take our gusted saunter
Do you see any part of me I've missed? Am I more to you than a monster?
I'd never think I'm worth a glance, but you locked eyes with me
And I believe the time to be suspicious has arrived to me

But it's like, finally! For once, I can get comfortable
You bring me sanctity when home gets too dysfunctional
I say I'm combustible, you tell me that you like the heat
You've quelled the demons taunting me
I would fight for weeks

You're always there when the voices, they refuse to stop
And refuse to stop and refuse to stop, they never go away, they refuse to stop
You hug me tight and refuse to stop and I stand with you and refuse to stop
The bomb counting down will blow any minute, but you're always there to get the fuse to stop

I don't think I've ever met a woman of your pedigree
Who will push and support and try her hardest to reveal the best of me
When I think I'm suffocating, you take me and give me breath to breathe
And let me just say, those thighs you got are gonna be the death of me

Agony to ecstacy, doubt into swagger
You give me strength to stay stalwart when I'm staggered
I love you so much, and that's unquestionable and factual
I want to take your hand and make sure we're never detachable

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