4 Podcasts About Reality TV To Enjoy, And 1 To Avoid

4 Podcasts About Reality TV To Enjoy, And 1 To Avoid

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As you loyal readers of me on Odyssey, aka my parents and a couple of my Facebook friends, may know, I am obsessed with podcasts.

In the article I linked, I mentioned one of my favorite podcasts is "Rob Has A Podcast," which covers several reality TV programs. I also mentioned "LadyGang," which occasionally interviews reality stars and occasionally talks about reality TV.

(If you haven’t gotten the hint, I’m obsessed with reality TV, except The Bachelor, I’ve never been able to get into that show, or it’s spinoffs.)

So here are some more of my podcast recommendations for people who love reality TV.

For fans Of RuPaul’s Drag Race: Squirrel Friends Cocktail Hour.

Hosted by Nick and Amanda, whose last names I cannot spell or find on their website, this podcast features a jazzy intro and a slightly tipsy analysis of RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s funny and smart, and the hosts have strong chemistry. In addition to talking about the most recent Drag Race episode, Nick and Amanda cover older seasons, talk about their acting careers, relationships, and Amanda’s cat, Latrice.

For fans of Survivor: Survivor Historians

The creator of the website, TheFunny115, Mario Lanza, RHAP and Parade.com contributor, Mike Bloom, Paul Asleson, and Jay Fischer, who both just seem to do this, host this podcast. As the name suggests, the podcast goes through the past Survivor seasons, analyzing the players, the edit and the casting. We get a lot of behind-the-scenes tea about casting processes, and since the hosts are older, no shade, younger Survivor fans get to hear the public’s response to the season.

For fans of various reality shows and for people in Canada: Thyrst

Presented by Big Brother Canada fan-favorites, Aneal Joshua and Neda Kalentar, and MTV’s 1 Girl, 5 Gays, David Roberts, Thyrst is a low-key, quick recap of Canada’s reality TV programs, as well as programs that known to us Americans. The chemistry between the three hosts is fabulous, and their banter is funny and relatable. The most covered shows are Vanderpump Rules and both Canadian and American versions of The Bachelor. Their most recent episode is coverage of the new Big Brother Canada season, obviously, since two of the hosts lived it, and I’m thinking they’ll keep covering the show.

For fans who want gossip, instead of a recap: Survivor with All The Fixins.

You can get Survivor recaps pretty much everywhere. But where else can you get information about what Survivor contestants do after the show? The “Queen of Mean” from Survivor: Gabon, Corinne Kaplan, and the “Survivor Professor” from Survivor: Worlds Apart, Max Dawson, report on the f***ed up things former reality TV stars do, starting with their own f***ed up lives. This podcast is hysterical, unfiltered, and it’s not for special snowflakes. We get to hear Corinne talk about her many, many failed relationships, her childhood, and hear her talk about the athletes she’s friends with. You can also find out about the many stupid things former Survivor castaways have done, including, but not limited to, who got arrested, who’s writing a book, who hooked up at an after-party, and who is currently working at Nordstrom. (Die-hard ATF listeners know who that last one is.) Two of the most covered, and most entertaining storylines are Survivor: Koah Rong’s Anna Khait’s extremely stupid and Republican thoughts, and Survivor: South Pacific’s Brandon Hantz’s romantic life and crazy Facebook Lives. ATF patrons can leave voicemails to talk about their own f***ed up lives and ask Max and Corinne for advice, which may or may not be useful. And, lastly, Max and Corinne occasionally recap the latest Survivor episode, whenever Corinne decides to watch it.

A reality TV podcast to avoid: AfterBuzz TV.

This isn’t a bad podcast, per say. I love that they pretty much cover every show on TV, and have different people covering each show. However, I’ve listened to episodes covering many different shows, and all of the panelists seem to have an elitist opinion and cut people off who differ from that opinion. And during the stellar Drag Race All-Stars episode with Alyssa and Tatianna’s AMAZING lip-sync, "Revenge of the Queens" was the title, for those who don't remember. But instead of gushing over the lip-sync and episode, they spent most of the show talking about an interview instead of the awesomeness that had just happened.

Seriously, this deserved at least 20 minutes of discussion.

Do you have any reality TV podcast recommendations? Leave in the comments below!

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