I already know this is going to spark some controversy, but quite frankly I don't care. I will not apologize for my opinion.

After the events of this weekend, I cannot bite my tongue on this issue any longer. While I totally get that it is the first amendment right of the players to not participate in the National Anthem, I find it extremely disrespectful. There are men and women who have lost their limbs, minds and lives for those athletes to have the right to even play for their teams, take a knee or not even show up. To me, that in itself makes me stand up. It makes me put my hand over my heart and be thankful that I am fortunate enough to be living in a country that allows me freedoms.

I understand that there are racial and political divides going on in this country. But no amount of political divide or racial inequality will ever make me turn my back on America. There are people in countries that have it SO much worse. Not to mention, by them taking a knee they are creating a whole new controversy and taking away from the actual issue at hand. People for get about what they are actually protesting and focus on a new issue.

I also find the President of the United States to be extremely disrespectful as well. He needs to put down his phone, stop tweeting, and actually address pressing issues such as....I don't know maybe the fact that North Korea is saying that we have declared war on them? He also cannot "fire" entire football teams and infringe on people's rights.

I think this whole thing is just a big mess. How did we get to the point that politics is now interfering with sports and what is supposed to be a fun activity to watch? I think there are other ways for athletes to show their support. They can do it elsewhere. The field or court is their place of employment. You don't see me at work blasting my political view points. There is a time and place for that.

So, to reiterate, I get that this is their right. I get that they are PEACEFULLY protesting. I still, however, cannot support it. The National Anthem and flag represent America as a whole. They don't represent the President. They represent the 300 million plus Americans. I will continue to support our troops and what America stands for.