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Some Quick Tips To Help Keep Your Furry Friends Calm During The Hectic Day Of July 4th

Please Explode Responsibly
The Atlantic

Every 4th Of July, we proud and patriotic Americans get together to celebrate our country by blowing as many things up as possible and eating entirely too much ('Murica). However, while we are out having a blast (pun intended), our furry friends are inside having an absolute terrible time. Every year, the 5th of July becomes an unofficial "dog recovery day" essentially, with many of our furry friends showing up in kennels or in other neighborhoods after running away from the loud noises that come from fireworks. Its also unfortunate that, in many cases, people are unable to find their pets after they've bolted. As such, shelters have to take measures to both hold all the found pets and try and contact the owners, which can't be done for every single one they bring in.

If you don't want your furry friends to run off during our yearly festivities, here's some simple tips you can easily do to keep them safe, calm, and happy during this yearly day of loud noises.

1) Keep Them Indoors

While this seems like a no-brainer, many people think that they should keep their animals outside during 4th of July so they can "mingle with everyone and have a good time". However, massive amounts of people plus exploding colored rockets doesn't bode well for dogs or cats. They don't know what's going on. They just know that it's terrifying. Keep them inside, keep them cool, and keep them comfortable.

2) Tagged And Microchipped

At this time of year, vet clinics offer low price or free microchipping for pets. It's not painful, and it could help you relocate your dog if they become separated from you or run off. Also make sure that they have a collar with a tag on it giving the dog's name and the best phone number to reach you.

3) Spend Time WIth Them And Keep Them Distracted

Take some time to help calm your dogs or cats down. Hold them, give them cuddles or pats, and let them know that they aren't alone during this weird time for them. Put on other noises to help drown out the fireworks, like turning the TV on to a soundscapes channel (or Animal Planet), and give them treats to get their focus off the fireworks. If you show them that you are there, they will be much happier and less stressed. Also, consider investing in a thundershirt/harness for them if they are absolutely terrified of loud noises. It DOES help dogs deal with those kinds of situations.

This 4th of July, do have fun, but be considerate of pets and pet owners. Be safe, and have a Happy 4th Of July!

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