14 Single Girl Things To Do On Valentine's Day
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14 Single Girl Things To Do On Valentine's Day

Go to Target and your heart will burst with joy

14 Single Girl Things To Do On Valentine's Day
Grayson Hunter

Disclaimer: I enjoy Valentine's Day regardless of my current relationship status. If you are in search of an anti-Valentine article, get on somewhere.

So here it is, folks. Your saving grace for a day that you could very well be dreading. 14 ways that you can genuinely enjoy a day that celebrates all things lovey-dovey. Because let's be real, 2017 has potential for sure, but some days it starts acting like 2016. Ain’t nobody got time for a Valentine's Day that reflects ANYTHING like the year 2016. Ya feel?

1. Make reservations for two at a nice restaurant.

Spend some time "waiting" for your significant other to join you. (PRANK there is no significant other, but your waiter doesn’t know that). Order the filet WITH the crabmeat on top. Get the dessert special too. When the check comes, pull out the tears, because you just got stood up on Valentine’s Day!! The nerve!! (Cross your fingers that the waiter sympathizes enough that they put your check on the house). #win

2. Pizza Hut has a Valentine Bundle for $13.99.

Get a one-topping, heart-shaped pizza and your choice of dessert. (This was copied directly from their website you’re welcome) ((Get a large while you’re at it))

3. Buy your bestie gal laser lip hair removal, because what’s more romantic really? Shout out to my EV sisters.

4. I’m a strong believer in the healing power of a solid chick flick. Venture out with it a little, though. Pride and Prejudice. Solid choice.

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5. Take a trip to your local dog shelter and see if you can rent a sweet pup for the day.

They can’t show up late to pick you up, underdress, or even cop an attitude over something entirely irrelevant. Let’s hear it for dogs!

6. Take a step back from your possible self-pity over not having someone to love on ya this year.

Make some chocolate covered strawberries and bring them to some widows that you know. Everybody needs a little happy on heart day, especially when they’re missing a loved one.

7. Buy yourself one of those obnoxiously massive stuffed bears.

Why? They’re soft and warm and don’t have bony shoulders when you cuddle with them. #praise

8. Read some scripture on God’s fulfilling, all-consuming love. (1 John 4:7-12, Romans 8:37, 1 John 3:1)

9. Write a letter to a friend who lives far away.

No matter how cliché it may seem, snail mail truly is a dying art. Keep the sweet letters circulating.

10. Get a squad and try to find a concert close by.

I think some of the very best mems are made jamming out. Maybe even hop the barricade into the VIP section? #infiltrators #neverforget #anythingforNickJonas

11. Go to Target. (this applies for a multitude of situations that can be difficult in life)

12. *the following does not apply to the faint of heart/timid* Walk around a heavily populated area and find couples walking while holding hands.

Squeeze your way in between them or try and fit your hand in with theirs. I guarantee you’ll never forget doing something that #extra.. and they surely won’t forget it either.

13. I believe in working the system. You know what working the system includes? Waiting until February 15th to buy 50% off box(es) of chocolate. (For your sake, I hope you apply the “es” and buy multiple boxes because this is America gosh dangit)

14. Spend some time in prayer over your future spouse.

All jokes aside, this day can be hard for a multitude of reasons. Pour out that hurt to Jesus. He’s hugging you so tight today.

Aside from these tips, I think the very best way to go into this day is with a grateful heart. Be so happy for your friends who are so in love. Our world sure does need a lot of husbands and wives who simply adore each other. Your person is coming, sweet one! Have fun today. 2017 is on the rise, starting with February 14th. Tackle the heck out of it!

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