I am a music lover. If you met me, you'd know that. I'm constantly on Spotify skipping through songs and finding new ones. My current favorite playlist is one that I titled "dreamin" because the songs put me in a trance. They help me escape the world and remind me why I love music so much. The following songs are my top favorites from the playlist because of their uniqueness and authenticity.

1. The Broken Hearts Club -Gnash

This song by gnash is super chill and kind of sad but so relatable. If you have ever been in love or if you have experienced heartbreak you will definitely get with this song.

2. Angels -Khalid

Khalid never ceases to impress. He is one of my favorite artists of all times and this song just makes me love him even more. Angels is so beautiful written and delivered.


This song is honestly kind of sad. EDEN is basically saying that he never actually loved her and that he did not lie about his feelings. Even though the message is kind of awful, the song is so catchy.

4. All The Kids Are Depressed -Jeremy Zucker

This song is my absolute favorite on the playlist. It is definitely more dreary and chill but it is so so good. It describes my generation and the way I feel that society feels at times perfectly. Jeremy Zucker worked magic with this one.

5. Nobody -Martin Jensen, James Arthur

I would describe this song a more upbeat than the rest and more positive. The artists are describing a person and how "there's nobody like you". It is very uplifting and I would definitely recommend if you are having a bad day.

6. In My Head -Peter Manos

Peter Manos is definitely an extremely gifted artist. In this song, you can feel what he feels. The very first time that I heard it, I had chills, so of course I kept it on replay.

7. 365 -Zedd, Katy Perry 

This song is kind of an addicting listen. The beat is so catchy and danceable. Both Katy Perry and Zedd are singers that I have always enjoyed, so of course I had to add their song to my playlist.

Definitely go and listen to these songs. They are great car songs, great songs to chill with, and great songs for the times you just need an escape.