A 15-Song Playlist For Those That Need A Break

After all the commotion and whatever stress that has happened so far, I have come up with a chill mix for those in desperate need to unwind and forget about reality for a bit.

Here are 15 songs that helped me in the past and may help you too. You can thank me later.

1. Night Trouble by Petit Biscuit

2. Welcome and goodbye by dream, ivory

3. To Be Happy by Joey Pecoraro

4. Mistakes Like This by Prelow

5. "Moonlight in Atlanta" by Russ

6. renee by SALES

7. Guillotine by Jon Bellion

8. Automatic by The Mowgli's

9. Waiting on the Summer by VHS Collection

10. Weight in Gold by Gallant

11. Keep Me in Mind by Cape Cub

12. Fly Down by Stephen

13. Arrow by Stonefox

14. For You (Bearcubs Remix) by Gavin James

15. Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes

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