People play hard to get for many reasons. One is the desire to increase a demand for themselves. It'll create a stronger want. Before you decide whether or not you want to play games, you have to examine the type of guy you're involved with. If he doesn't understand sarcasm and is sensitive, then playing hard to get isn't the best choice.

So how do you actually play hard to get?

Playing hard to get is surprisingly not as hard as it may seem. The key is to act confident and not disclose nor express many emotions. A little teasing goes a long way. You have to withhold sex but give some physical contact and affection.

If you give little affection over long periods of time, it'll only make the desire increase. When you give attention, disappear for some time after. And the more you act like you're uninterested, the harder you're playing.

Another important rule when playing hard to get is to not be available. You have to be busy and make sure to prioritize other things. So when you get texts or calls, don't be in such a rush to answer.

But real talk, are you sure you want to play hard to get?

The con doesn't always work. If you overdo things, the person will decide you're too difficult and just remove himself from the equation. This is just another form of a game which only leads to disappointment, confusion, and sadness. To some extent, playing hard to get is a form of mental abuse to the men that you are considering dating.


A little fun never killed anybody. Life is all about balance. Playing hard to get intensifies the chase which makes it more interesting. You can play hard to get but you can't overdo it or you'll send the guy packing.

Be hard to earn, not hard to get.