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To The Athlete Approaching Their Final Game, From A Player Who's Already Played Their Last

Soak every last detail up.

To The Athlete Approaching Their Final Game, From A Player Who's Already Played Their Last
Chelsea Edgar

I can assume its been many years of your life being dictated by the sport. Every decision you've ever made has been based on the game that you know and love. Every diet choice, every travel plan, sleep schedules - all decided by the times of games and practices.

It wasn't hard letting the only thing you've ever known consume your life, because it is just that - the only thing you've ever known.

You've spent hours upon hours, days, and nights, training and preparing for the next time you would step on the field, feeling as if it were never going to end. Yet here you are, approaching the last time you will ever slip on the shin guards and lace up your cleats.

It's a bittersweet feeling, one of accomplishment and sorrow.

How could you ever leave the thing that you've known your entire life, behind? How will you know what to do with yourself? You won't. Trust me, it takes quite some time for the fact to set in that you actually don't have anything to do for once and as much as you think you're going to enjoy having some free time, you won't.

So, soak it up. These last few weeks of practice and games, enjoy it.

Remember what it feels like to eat healthy on the morning of a game. Remember what it feels like blasting music on the way to the field. Remember what it feels like sitting in the locker room being badgered by the coaches. Remember what it feels like to fold over your socks and tightened your laces. Remember the sound of the whistle, because you will never again feel the rush as soon as it blows. Allow the sounds of the audience get in your head.

Look around and remember everything that the game has offered you, your entire life.

Although you may not physically be playing, you will always remember the good times and bad that came with dedicating so much time, to a thing you once loved the most. The game has taught you to be motivated and never give up. It has taught you how to conquer your fears and strive for your goals. But most of all, it taught you how to love and put so much time and effort into something that means so much to you.

Make your last game the best and most memorable because as much as you don't think so, you're going to miss it way more than words can explain.

You're going to miss the constant workout, especially when you're sitting in your dorm room fifteen pounds heavier than when you arrived at college. You're going to miss the screaming of your coach because their words actually stuck and pushed you to try harder. You're going to miss the 5 a.m. wake up calls because all the yawns and cold air somehow created the best laughs with your teammates. You're going to miss the stench of wet cleats after sitting in your bag all weekend because that's what you've grown up knowing.

So again, soak it up because it's only been seven months and I miss it more and more every day.

The game will always be a part of who you are because it's made you into the person you are today. Embrace the bad memories just as much as the good ones and realize that you wouldn't be where you are today without it. Laugh from the mistakes that you have made and let them make you into a better person. Smile because of the memories that you will forever hold close to your heart.

But most importantly, be thankful that you have been able to be a part of something as incredible as the teams you have played for.

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