11 Of The Best Places In Michigan To Visit This Summer
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11 Of The Best Places In Michigan To Visit This Summer


11 Of The Best Places In Michigan To Visit This Summer

Michigan is undoubtedly one of the prettiest states in the U.S., filled with diverse nature and cities. There's something for everyone in Michigan, and whether you're a native Michigander or a tourist, these 11 places are worth a road trip.

1. Traverse City


Traverse City is the largest city in the region of Northern Michigan, and one of the most popular places in Michigan to visit. Traverse City is home to a great food scene, arts, and culture, and, of course, the National Cherry Festival, held every July.

2. Mackinac Island


Mackinac (pronounced "Mack-in-naw") Island sits in Michigan's Lake Huron, between the upper and lower peninsulas. Mackinac Island has absolutely no cars or chain hotels, standing as the perfect out-of-time vacation resort.

3. The Henry Ford Museum


The Henry Ford Museum is the largest indoor-outdoor museum complex in the U.S. and is visited by approximately 1.6 million people every year. The Henry Ford Museum traces not only the history of automobiles but of American invention and innovation.

4. Sleeping Bear Dunes


Sleeping Bear Dunes was ranked the most beautiful place in America. What other proof do you need?

5. Detroit


Detroit is one of Michigan's most history-rich cities, and it's getting better and better. Detroit is home to professional sports teams, theaters, musicians, and many unique shops and restaurants--you're sure to find something you like.

6. Tahquamenon Falls


The Tahquamenon Falls are two different waterfalls, both located on the Tahquamenon River near Lake Superior. The falls are known for the brown, root-beer-like color of their water, due to the tannins in the cedar swamps from which the river drains.

7. Soo Locks


The Soo Locks are a set of parallel locks in Sault Ste Marie. They're part of the largest waterway system on earth, and offer tours showing the mechanism and history of the locks.

8. Grand Rapids


Grand Rapids is the ultimate hipster town, featuring a never-ending supply of pretentious coffee. My personal favorite part of Grand Rapids, however, is ArtPrize, a yearly event that showcases a massive variety of art from artists all across the world.

9. Holland


Holland, Michigan is best known for its tulip festival, drawing visitors from all over the world, and recalling the city to its Dutch roots.

10. Frankenmuth


Frankenmuth, on the other hand, is a city to visit if you want to celebrate German roots. The Bavarian-style architecture is alone worth the trip.

11. Ann Arbor


Ann Arbor is one of Michigan's most vibrant cities. Some of the highlights of the city include the Michigan and State Theaters, Literati Bookstore, the University of Michigan's Big House, and Zingerman's deli. Other summertime highlights include the Ann Arbor Summer Festival, and the Ann Arbor Art Fair.

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