All college girls typically shop at the same stores for every thing and every season. And as much as we LOVE a nice Urban Outfitters fuzzy coat, we can also branch out a little and start shopping at some not-so-popular but still v trendy stores - you would be surprised about how many hidden gems we can find at stores our moms shop at.

1. J. Crew

Ah, J. Crew, the store I personally always dreaded walking into when cruising around the mall with my mom. Looking a little more closely, however, the seemingly all-thing-preppy brand actually has great (and I mean really, really great) things for girls all ages. One of my personal fav things to shop for at J. Crew is shoooeeessss (of course). Shop their boots and booties (especially Chelsea rain boots ;) ) for your next shoe purchase.

2. Bershka

If you like shopping outside the United States, you have undoubtedly heard of one of my favorite stores of all time: Bershka. From the same father company as ZARA, Bershka has everything from workout wear to raincoats and every single thing is so cute and so affordable. Unfortunately, the only US store is located way too far from me - all the way in NYC. But, they ship to the US so start shopping! The sale already started :)

3. Anthropologie

For those boho pieces, we can't live without, Urban Outfitters and Free People aren't always the only ways to go. Anthro is actually from the same father company as our two favs and has pieces that I would even say have better all-around quality. I'll admit it isn't the most affordable, but shop their sale and you will for sure find something you'll want to splurge on. Channel your inner Serena van der Woodsen and shop their sweaters to be a fashionista this winter.

4. Cali Blue Clothing 

I just found this store and have been obsessing ever since. Their collections are so consistent with every new trend and I cannot get enough of it. Shop their latest trends and get 10% off your first order! It's seriously a win-win sitch in every way.

5. Aritzia

Really well-known to some and really not to others, Aritzia is another store full of gems you'll great not buying this winter (and every other season, too!). If you're a ZARA fan (like me hehe) then you'll love their minimalistic style. They are also having a sale right now so get shopping.