11 Pixar Movies That Taught Us Life Lessons We Couldn't Learn In School

11 Pixar Movies That Taught Us Life Lessons We Couldn't Learn In School

Possible spoilers but you should definitely see these movies!!


If you grew up a Disney kid, or just a lover of animated films, you've heard of a little company called Pixar Animation Studios. Creator of iconic films such as "Toy Story," "Finding Nemo," and "The Incredibles." After rewatching the movies throughout the years, you can learn something from the story. Here are some of your favorite movies throughout the years!

1. "Ratatouille"

"Ratatouille" is the story about a rat, Remy, who dreams about being a chef one day. Throughout the movie, he faces many obstacles by family members and the other cooks in the kitchen of Gusteau's restaurant that believe that a rat cannot cook. The moral is that although people may tell you what you can and cannot do, you are the ultimate decision maker of what you want to do with your life. For Remy, it was his dream to cook.

2. "Inside Out"

"Inside Out" goes inside the mind of a young girl whose life has been practically perfect. Until her parents move from Minnesota to California. As this big change takes place, her emotions start to go haywire due to uncertainty, making new friends, and keeping. In this movie, you learn that it's perfectly normal not to be happy all the time. As someone who struggles with this daily, some of the bad moments can turn great. A good cry can turn into a touching moment. A moment of weakness can turn into a lesson worth learning.

This movie also teaches us the importance of mental health in its own way. Although this is a perfectly healthy little girl's mind, for someone struggling with depression or anxiety, this can allow some insight into the mind. It is okay to be accepting of your emotions. Embrace it and don't be afraid to share it.

3. "Toy Story 3"

This movie is the closer a perfect franchise (even though "Toy Story 4" is scheduled to come out in 2019). We see Andy as a young man ready to leave for college. His toys just want to be played with again. This story teaches us that change is hard and leaving someone who you've loved for years is sometimes the best thing for them. In the eyes of these toys, they get another chance to make a kid happy.

4. "UP"

You may know this as the movie that made you cry in the first ten minutes it started. "UP" is about an old man who lost his wife. With all the dreams they had, life got in the way. He wanted to pursue the adventure in her honor. By the end of the movie, you learn that no matter what you do in life, as long as it is with the person you love (partner, friend, family, etc.), it is always an adventure. Life gets crazy but it's who you spend it with that makes it count.

5. "Brave"

"Brave" is the story of a girl with crazy, wild red hair that just wants to be her own person without a man. The story is great for young girls but to anyone who just wants to do things their way. Her mother wants her to be the perfect princess for her future husband. She wants to keep her independence and do what she wants. It's okay to be independent and not always have your life together. You're young. You will figure it out in time.

6. "Coco"

If you haven't seen this movie, watch it! It's on Netflix (you're welcome) This movie is about family. You can't pick your family but no matter what, you still love them. Of course there are times when they may not get you but be proud of who you are. It is because of your family.

7. "The Incredibles"

I am only talking about the first one. The Parr family is one of a kind. You may find things that your family relates to, but I'm pretty sure none of your family members have immense flexibility. Dealing with super powers can be tricky, especially when it's illegal. But you should be proud of who you are, superhero or not. Embrace your strengths because it is what makes you, you.

8. "Wall-E"

You learn that anyone can fall in love, even two robots. The main lesson is to KEEP OUR EARTH CLEAN! We don't want to end up in space all fat and have robots do everything for us. Keep the earth green, my friends. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!!

9. "Monsters Inc."

You all remember the fears of thinking that there was a monster under your bed? Pixar took it to a whole new level, but it put a different light on some monsters like Mike and Sully. Lesson of the story: Don't judge book by its cover. They may look scary but they ultimately care to get back to wear she belongs.

10. "Finding Nemo"

Besides the lesson of not shutting your child out of the world because of your own fears, the other lesson is to just keep swimming! Life is unpredictable and you may have to deal with some difficult things. You may have to swallow your pride and deal with it. Either way, you have to just keep going.

11. "Toy Story"

Especially in this day of age, acceptance is super important. No matter what color skin you are, age, cowboy or space agent, accept everyone for who they are. For all the differences between you. Embrace it because they are still human beings.

Pixar never fails to bring the child out in all of us. Not only does it bring us great entertainment, but it teaches us important life lessons. Now if you will excuse me, I am going to binge-watch Pixar movies.

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