I had always believed love was like the movies. You saw the other person and you just fell in love. It was like your brain and your heart were in sync for the first time in your life and everything was going to be amazing from that moment on. Little did I know that it was far from how love actually works. Almost four years ago I met this, I called him a kid because he had just finished middle school and I was going to be a junior, and little did I know the impact he would have on my life.

For four years, and only during Annual Conference weekend, we got to know each other. Sure, you would message me here or there, and I always wished you a happy birthday, but we didn't really talk away from that environment. But fromthe moment I met you I knew there was something different about you. I knew I wanted you in my life, I just didn't know why.

All four years you held me while I cried. Three of the four years you literally carried me (and I am so sorry cause I know one of those years I was a little heavier than the others). But this last year you were more than that cute and nerdy kid who had pink hair for Imagine No Malaria (and please know I tell EVERYONE about it). You were not only a fellow Diakonos, but you were a friend. My partner in crime. And the person I went to go get chocolate with.

Not only did our relationship expand that weekend, but I found out you were moving. And it was in that moment, standing there listening to you tell me you were moving to West Virginia, that I realized I couldn't let you walk out of my life. That was the moment that I knew you were more than just a friend, but someone that I knew I could count on.

I won't lie, you totally should have kissed me goodbye that day. Honestly, I can't believe you didn't. But as you left and I went back to the conference for the closing remarks since they were done really early, I knew I wasn't walking away from that weekend and not talking to you again for another year. In fact, I think I texted you like 20 minutes later.

Sure enough, here we are. Eight months later and you aren't just my friend any more. You are my best friend, my partner in crime, and the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. We've lived 14 hours apart, laughed, cried, texted, FaceTimed, talked on the phone, and driven five hours to see each other when you were close enough to do so. I call you crazy every day, because I am a handful to say the least. But you deal with it, and you always make me feel like the most important girl in the world.

Happy Eight Month Anniversary. You're such a goofball, but you're mine. And I couldn't ask for it any other way.