A relationship is a complex webbing of different thoughts, feelings and actions that fit together to create the image of the relationship. It's amazing how easily and quickly a relationship can be unraveled. Much like a sweater, a relationship takes time to create and it takes the right kind of care to keep it from being destroyed, but one wrong move and it can be ruined forever.

One may think that this makes a relationship not worth it, that person would be wrong.

Even though the end of a truly meaningful relationship may hurt, that does not mean the relationship was a waste. You see, the experiences had during a great relationship are amazing, they teach you more about yourself than you ever could learn on your own. Though the memories may hurt after the relationship has ended, they were still amazing at the time and some of those feelings can be felt again through the memories.

The littlest things can trigger these memories, the littlest things can have huge impact on a person. I, for example, experienced the end of a long, beautiful relationship this summer. During that relationship I was given a small pine cone, a tiny gesture of cute, humorous love. I can not remember the specific day, nor can I remember what we were doing or even why she decided to give me that pine cone. What I can remember, every time I look at that pine cone, is what it was like to love her. I remember her face, her laugh, and all of her weird little quirks.

This pine cone is the last trace of our relationship together, the last thing that contains all of the memories from our relationship together. This pine cone is the last thing holding me back from moving on. This pine cone... Is just a pine cone. I could throw it out a window and someone else could pick it up, never knowing the history it has.

Relationships are so fragile, they can end without there even being a clear reason. Anything from a difference in personality to simply saying the wrong things at the wrong time can end a relationship. Posting the wrong things on social media and making the wrong jokes in person can ruin a great relationship. Family can cause issues as can work or school or religion or personal hobbies.

People can often think that a relationship ends only when someone cheats on the other or when something else extremely terrible happens. That simply is not true. A relationship destroying argument can come out of thin air. Often times you will sit and think about something by yourself until you finally talk to the person, at that point you have so many thoughts coming out at once that everyone gets overwhelmed and a fight begins. That fight can end your relationship or it can be the beginning to an ending. You can never really know.

In an ideal world everyone would communicate their feelings to their partner perfectly, of course, that does not happen all the time. Often bad communication is the reason that a break up can come so suddenly, bad communication can break hearts, it can create chaos. However, good communication can do the complete opposite, it can mend relationships and create love, understanding, and peace. It is hard work, but trust me it is worth the effort and I just wish that I had figured this out a few months ago.