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22 Pieces of advice for the class of 2022

Just a couple tips to make your freshman year easier.

22 Pieces of advice for the class of 2022

The transition from high school to college is an important, yet difficult one. From living with your parents and siblings for 18 years to moving into a dorm with complete strangers, it's okay to be a little more than nervous. Making new friends, living in a shoe box, and trying to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life--can be overwhelming. Luckily for you, my group of friends and I have come up with the top 22 tips for you--the Class of 2022.

1. Be open to new opportunities.

You never know who or what is going to come into your life or when, so welcome new opportunities. You never know where they can lead you.

2. Keep your door open.

Yes, you've probably heard this piece of advice before! But that's because this simple action is HUGE to make friends during your first couple weeks. I met my soon-to-be roommate because she kept her door open, it's worth it.

3. Attend all of the orientation activities.

They might be dumb and silly games, but you only get one orientation--don't take it for granted.

4. Become friends with the people in your classes--and the professors.

Group studying is always a great idea, so get to know the people in your classes. Having someone you can text and ask a question to is super important to keeping up with your academics. Professors can be your best friends, use them.

5. Try something new.

I joined the Division 1 Women's Water Polo team at Villanova University!

Join new clubs. The best way to make friends is to find people with a common interest, and clubs are a perfect way to do this. The more involved you are on campus, the less homesick you'll be.

6. Always say yes...

Some of my favorite nights have come from saying yes to spontaneous invitations.

7. ...but know when to say no.

Going out the night before an exam would be the perfect time to say no

8. Get to know your RA.

They're the ones who might be writing you up later in the getting to know them before you break any rules might be a good idea.

9. Communication is key when it comes to roommates.

Thinking you are going to get your way 100% of the time with your new roommate right off the bat is quite frankly ridiculous. Come into move-in day with a positive mindset and ready to compromise. If you're unhappy with a situation, talk to your roommates! That's the only way things will actually change.

10. Know your limit BEFORE coming to college.

No one likes to be a babysitter, especially when you may have just met the person. Having fun with new friends is great, but it's important to know when to put the red solo cup down...

11. Call your parents.

Whether it's once a day, once a week, or once a semester, give them a call. You might not miss them yet, but they definitely do. Check in with them, they just want to know what you're doing.

12. Don't burn bridges.

That person you may not agree with right now, might be in your class nest semester or your next door neighbor next year. There's nothing wrong with deciding not to be friends with someone, but don't burn a bridge. You'll never know when you'll see them next.

13. Enjoy the campus.

Sit outside and study. Eat lunch in a cool new spot. You're not isolated to your dorm and classrooms. Explore the campus and enjoy every nook and cranny.

14. "Make new friends but keep they old".

A silly children's song comes back at the age of 18. Making new friends is great, but remember who supported you for the past 18 years. Give them a call or a text to see how they're doing or just to say hi. It makes a difference.

15. Find your people...

Find the people who make you the happiest and will be there for you during the hard times. It might take a while to find them, but once you do, everything will be put into place.

16. ...but keep making friends.

Just because you found a decent group during the first couple months of school doesn't mean they have to be your only friends. It's always good to meet new people. You don't need to be friends with the first people you meet, shop around.

17. Senioritis is real and continues in college.


Think second semester of high school is hard? Try your first semester in college. You won't want to do ANYTHING. Get over senioritis, and do it fast.

18. Freshman year grades MATTER.

I don't care what you've heard or read else where--your grades matter. A couple bad grades freshman year can leave your GPA sunk before you can even say "i love college".

19. DO. NOT. GO. HOME.


For those of you who are going to college close to home, it may be tempting to go back home during your first semester. Don't do it. Running from your problems won't change them. Home sickness will only get worse if you go home.

20. Keep your priorities in check.

Remember who you are and where you came from. Balancing social life, academics, and extracurriculars is difficult, so remember what is most important.

21. You were chosen to be there.

College academics can be overwhelming. During the hard times, remember--someone chose you to be there. Someone looked at your test scores, read your essays, and decided that you can do this. Believe in yourself like that admission officer did.

22. ENJOY!

There's only one time in your life to ever be as innocent, yet knowledgeable as a college freshman. Enjoy the year while it lasts, it'll go by faster than your senior year of high school.

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