I am the kind of person to stew over my emotions for days or weeks on end. I have been holding a grudge since the beginning of this semester. I know I'm not alone, but I also know that it's not healthy for me. I was ranting to a friend, and he gave me advice that has really been helping me. The advice? Always Be Closing. It's from the movie "Glengarry Glen Ross," and while I haven't watched the movie, that scene got through to me.

Why should you follow this?

1. It makes you think about your problems constructively

I've known people who will go to the most extreme solutions and not see that those solutions are either not possible or would be too difficult to do. With ABC, you have to have solutions you can and are willing to do.

2. It lets you solve your problems

Going off the first point, if you have solutions you can't do, you can't solve your problems.

3. You don't stew over problems

When you're solving your problems, you don't have to stew over them and can move on.

4. It can improve mental health

When you can move on from problems, you have more time to spend working on your mental health and not being bogged down by the weight of anger.

5. Problem-solving is great to put on resumes

Employers like people who can solve problems without causing a ton of drama while doing it. Make this a bit easier by starting now.